Spice Up Your Plaits

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Girl with Braids

Sometimes it gets boring to have just a simple plait in your hair. If, like us, you enjoy experimenting with hairstyles- this blog post is for you! We have two different hairstyles you can achieve using regular plaits. Now that Summer has officially arrived (albeit the severe fluctuation of weather...) plaits are the hair trend of the season. Time to get with this season's trend and try these simple hairstyles out!

Starting off with a more basic hairstlye, and then giving you a little (fun) challenge with the other one, we will first discuss the waterfall braid: a lovely and sweet hairstyle for weddings and even casual occasions. Second, we will talk about the updo that is the 'braid-Y bunch': a perfect play on words, and a versatile low updo that is pretty for any occasion. Remember ladies, practice makes perfect!

Waterfall Plait

  1. First you want to make sure your hair is set to its natural parting.

  2. Separate a small strand from the front of your hair, and divide that piece into 3 sections.

  3. Start to French braid the sectioned off hair 3 inches along your head.

  4. With the hair remaining from that section, start to plait your hair normally, letting the top section fall down each time.

  5. With each top section falling, grab a new section and add it on to the plait.

  6. Keep the plait moving around your head. Remember to always replace the section you dropped with the new hair strand next to it.

  7. Once you reach the other side of your head there should not be any hair left to plait so secure it with a bobby pin, and the waterfall plait hairstyle is done.

Braid-Y Bunch

  1. Section the back half of your hair away and keep 2 big strands of hair at the front.

  2. Part the back half of the hair in 2 and plait both sides like a pig tail braid.

  3. Part the front half through the middle and plait the 2 strands of hair.

  4. Bring both front strands to the back of the head and secure them with bobby pins.

  5. Then, taking 1 of the plaits at the back fold it in half so it makes a reverse C shape, and then secure it to the back of your head.

  6. Repeat this for the other plait. You are done!