4 Ways A Crystal Skin Care Regime Can Change Your Skin And Your Life

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For years crystals have been synonymous with hippies in far flung Balinese villages. But thanks to supermodels and A - listers (here's looking at you, Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham), they've become de rigour in women's lives and skin care regimes.

Why? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing as home decor but crystals can supercharge your skin care with their abundant wellbeing benefits. Rose quartz, for one, is prized in the ancient world for its powers of physical beautification.

In Ancient Egypt, women would beautify themselves by adding ground rose quartz into powders and creams to enhance their beauty and stay youthful, as well as add a sacred dimension to the beauty process.

In scientific terms, crystals are a particular form of mineral with a molecular structure that is fixed and stable and vibrate at a specific frequency. Their stability means they can transmit energy and heal.

In - the - know brands are catching on to the trend and tapping into the power of crystals to help women boost their beauty and their mood with a two-prong approach.

If you're intrigued by the power of crystals, here are the beauty products to indulge in.

Nails Inc The Mindful Manicure Future's Bright Nail Polish

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This suits - all, mood - enhancing polish from Nails Inc, £14.99 gives an iridescent finish infused with sparkling gemstones. Each individual crystal is thought to have electromagnetic powers that will help to clarify your thoughts, channel energy and heal you, relieving stress and encouraging positive thoughts.

Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminescent Base

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Fusing diamond particles, rose quartz, platinum and frankincense, Lisa Franklin's do - everything Pro Effect Luminescent Base, £70 is a beguiling marriage of technology and luxury. PhotoLuminescent diamond powders convert invisible UV light to blue light to restore the glow of younger looking skin. Redness is dramatically reduced and skin tone is evened out to create a radiant, strokable soft complexion

SkinChemists Rose Quartz Lifting & Firming Serum

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This ultra - lightweight Rose Quartz Lifting & Firming Serum from SkinChemists, £35 is designed to give the skin an extra boost, resulting in a vibrant and healthy looking glow. Infused with Rose Quartz, the serum buffs away dead skin cells, revealing the soft, fresh and youthful looking skin beneath. Light - reflective crystals work to illuminate the skin, boosting radiance and softening the appearance of blemishes and flaws.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Calming Botanical Essence

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Aurelia's Calming Botanical Essence, £22 boasts the power to protect and balance skin, as well as offering calming properties to both the skin and mind. Packed with filtered Glacier Water sourced from natural springs and curative properties, this facial mist helps to hydrate, purify and balance the complexion. Suitable for all skin types, the essence utilises the therapeutic benefits of Rose Quartz Crystal Water to calm the mind and relax the senses, encouraging an inner feeling of peace.