4 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Post Holiday Hair

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Holiday hair, as the advertisers would have it, is soft, tousled (whatever that means), waist length, with natural highlights and a shine only comparable to the sun, under which it basks. It looks too, like it would be soft as velvet to the touch. But in reality our summer barnet looks more like we've been fiddling with some wiring with soaking-wet hands.

Tousled hair, sun-bleached lengths, cascading salty curls... Holiday hair looks great, when you're on holiday. Post holiday, tousled looks tangled and sun bleached ends are crispier than a bag of kettle chips. Sun, sea, chlorine, pollution and heat all damage hair and leave it looking a little lacklustre post holiday. So what do you do when you return refreshed, tanned but with hair like a scarecrow?

Firstly. Don’t worry and scuttle off the the hairdressers to have 6 inches hacked off by an overzealous hairdresser. We. can. Fix. It.

There are some incredible hair products out there that really can breathe life back into sun parched, dry, salty hair. There are plenty of solutions to get your hair back on track in the comfort of your own bathroom. So whether your hair is sunburnt, hungover or you're a slave to your straighteners then read on for some hair saving tips:

1. Lose the heat

For those who fried their highlights in the sun or can't bear to leave the house without perfectly straightened hair, don’t hate us but you need to put down the tongs and step away from the heat and treat your hair to some heat free rehab. Try washing your hair at night and tying damp hair up in a loose bun, once morning comes you'll be left with sexy, swingy, heat-damage free waves. If you really can't bare to lose the heat for a while then make sure you use a protective heat defense spray Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense to create a thermal shield around your fragile hair follicles.

2. Hair Masks

For hair that has a texture closer to straw, wire wool or cotton candy - hair masks are your savior. Get one NOW!. Unlike a conditioner which just smooths and detangles the top layer, a hair mask really penetrates the cuticle and helps restore from the inside to strengthen brittle hair and keep hair smooth. Kebelo Bondage Hair Mask is currently taking the world by storm and not because people are accidentally mistaking it for some whole other 50 shades purpose either. Aptly names because you can push your hair to the extremes. Unlike a regular conditioner the innovative Carbocysteine technology and a blend of murumuru seed butter and carob, means it penetrates rights to the cortex of your hair returning its softness and youth. Post shampoo, leave on for 15 minutes under a hot towel or shower cap and rinse, or leave overnight for a serious hair treat. Honestly, it makes hair feel like pure silk.

3. Oil Up

You use oil on your face so why not on your hair? Worried about oils making your hair look greasier than 4 days in a tent at Glastonbury? Don’t be. Oils will literally change your life. Use a pea sized blob, or more for longer hair (start small and work up) and work through lengths, paying close attention to your ends and let hair dry naturally for a silky smooth feel. Argan Oil Liquid Gold 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil may sound pricey but a little goes a very long way and it’s much cheaper than having to book in for a full cut and colour to save ravaged hair. Hailed from Morocco it’s been keeping their hair silky smooth for centuries. The black glass bottle preserves it’s healing and moisturising qualities so there is no need for any chemical nasties to keep it fresh. Plus, it smells incredible.

4. Co-wash.

Co-washing is the latest beauty buzzword on the block. Short for “conditioner-only washing.” it involves skipping shampoo and only using a conditioner. Not just any conditioner though, use a targeted cleansing and conditioning creme like Joico Curl Crème Wash Sulfate-free Co+wash For Soft, Frizz Free Curls and massage in as you would shampoo. It won’t lather but will rinse out leaving your hair clean, fresh and silky smooth and much easier to manage.

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