5 Beauty Products Good Enough To EAT!

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Ever heard of the “Edible Beauty” principle? It's the idea that you shouldn't place anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. Think about it, we avoid food that are packed full of artificial ingredients, but when it comes to beauty products, we don't mind slapping them all over our face and hair? Slowly but surely, more top cosmetic and skin care brands are beginning to jump on the beauty band wagon and introduce some top hair and skin care products that are safe enough to... EAT!

Don't worry, you don't have to change your entire beauty regime – just have a look at our new top picks of the 5 best natural beauty products, and yes, some of them are actually edible!

The Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser from £4.99 as suggested by the name, is made of ingredients from the beehive. Containing a soft blend of royal jelly and beeswax, this cleanser is guaranteed to leave skin feeling conditioned and replenished as well as clean and balanced.

• An online beauty buy like the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil from £4.90 product is known for its decadent moisturising and softening properties, while extra ingredients like monoi and sweet almond oil hydrate and soothe.

• Perfect for providing a natural glow to sensitive skin, the Jessica Simpson Dessert Taste Kissable Body Shimmer Powder from £7.89 is a gorgeous product that comes from her edible beauty product range “Dessert”. These bath gels and cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients and were first introduced by her then husband Nick Lachey licking them off of her! Apply to your face to set your makeup or collar bones for ultimate radiance.

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• Now this product is just every girls dream – a lip balm you can actually lick! We all know what it's like to accidentally taste a little too much of your lip gloss, but now it doesn't seem taboo. An online beauty buy like the Mineral Plus Lip Butter by Bloom from £1.25 features shea butter, rosehip and pomegranate oil, and leaves lips feeling hydrated.

• Everyone loves good-smelling hair and what better way is there to achieve that than with actual plant extracts which strongly radiate their own beautiful scents? Try a top haircare product like the Faith in Nature Pomegranate & Roobios Shampoo from £5.49. Containing only the best raw and organic materials that are rich in antioxidants, this shampoo is perfect for cleansing hair and can also be used as a facial cleanser. Bargain!

Go on, try an 'Au-Natural' beauty regime!

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This article was written by Nicole Breeden for My Beauty Matches.