5 French Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

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brigette bardot

The effortless allure of French women gets us every time. What is it that makes their skin so flawless, their hair so cool and their minimal makeup just, well, work? Find out how to encapsulate their allure! We have pulled together the best French beauty secrets so that you can get 1 step closer to the natural beauty of Marion Cotillard or Clémence Poésy. This involves emphasis on moisturising face cream, an unusual hair care technique, and adding a face mask to your routine. If you love these beauty tips, create your own profile by filling in our beauty quiz to discover products to suit you.

  1. The first in our French beauty secrets is moisturising like it is going out of fashion. Obviously, we don’t suggest you apply a moisturising face cream every hour, but the key to beautiful French skin is keeping up a skin care routine. Use a moisturising face cream every morning and every night without fail will help skin to maintain it's natural barrier. Try Caudalie Premieres Vendanges for a rich, velvety face cream. Go one better and use an oil to really lock in that moisture.

  2. Creating the French look can be as simple as washing your hair less. We are not saying never wash your hair, but the French do it just a couple of times a week. Washing your hair every day, in the view of French women, strips away oils that nourish the scalp, so they prefer not to overdo it. This is probably why their hair always looks so damn good. Messy, tousled and practical too, as squeaky clean hair can be harder to style.

  3. The next in our French beauty secrets is a product must - thermal water. The water is hard in France, as in the UK, so sensitive thermal water products are popular. Try the Avene Eau Thermale Gentle gel Cleanser, a product loved by French women. It contains soothing water that is perfect as a cleansing step, and helps wash away buildup on the skin.

  4. Applying face masks is a big French beauty secret, and being taught to practice this early on is vital. Once or twice a week is enough for face masks, but it is a step that should not be missed. Try Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask.

  5. Creating the French look can be done with facial massage - a popular beauty treatment in France to tone the face. A trick for at home is to massage the cheekbones and muscles around the mouth to get the toning benefits of a face massage. If we will have the facial structure of Marion Cotillard or Clémence Poésy at the end of it, we’re in!