5 Glitter Eye Liners You NEED This NYE

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enter image description here New Year’s Eve, there’s fireworks banging, drinks pouring and parties taking place across the globe. You want to stand out on the best night of the year and there is no better way to shine than by vamping up your look with some sophisticated sparkle. We love getting creative with our New Year’s Eve makeup ideas, especially when it comes to statement eye makeup. We’ve put together 5 of our favourite glitter eye liners to give your NYE makeup look the power to pop. enter image description here For a subtle hint of sparkle this Special Eyes Eyeliner in a shimmery Azure from Rimmel £2.99 is perfect for applying a quick and flawless splash of colour to your NYE makeup. With a soft and blendable formula this pencil is super easy to apply and I love the azure colour. enter image description here For a sophisticated sparkling look, Jade products such as this I-Proof Eyeliner from New Cid £13.50 are great for adding shimmer without making too bold a statement. As an added bonus this product is also waterproof meaning you can apply a gorgeous NYE look that will last all night even if you have a post-wine meltdown (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us…) enter image description here Looking to wow with a retro look this New Year’s Eve? These Magnificent Metal Eyeliners from Stila £24 are perfect for working a bold, 80s inspired NYE look. They can be used as an eye liner to define your peepers or as an eye shadow to create the perfect smokey eyes. I love every single colour in this collection and quite frankly I might just have to buy them all. After all, who doesn’t love glitter at a New Year’s Eve party? enter image description here The Ingenious Liquid Eye Liner collection from RMK is amazing but if I had to pick a favourite it would definitely be the Metallic Gold £15.50. It’s perfect for adjusting your makeup as the extra fine tip allows you to create a look as natural or dramatic as you desire. Great for precise, smudge-free application so it’s pretty much a makeup bag essential when planning the perfect NYE look. With a long-wearing finish your eye makeup will last as long as you do, so you won’t have to see in the new year with sparkly panda eyes. You can shop the gorgeous RMK range here. enter image description here The ultimate in glitter eye liner, guaranteed to make you sparkle on NYE, has to be the Heavy Metal Collection from Urban Decay and I particularly enjoy the Glamrock silver £13. Each colour comes with a fine applicator brush so they’re perfect for adding a hint of sparkle, or going all out glittery. They’re super quick and easy to apply and with such gorgeous colours to choose from, Urban Decay has to take the MBM trophy for the best glitter eye liners.

So now that you have the perfect tools in your makeup bag to create a sparkling look this New Year’s Eve, it’s back to the small matter of deciding where you’re going to go on the most fabulous night of the year. I’m afraid you’re on your own for this one…

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