6 Simple Tricks To Add Volume To Limp Hair This Winter

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Every morning as I finish blow drying, it brings me great joy to see the volume and lift my previously wet, straggly hair has obtained. This good feeling lasts all of half an hour when I realise, as I sit down on the tube, that the winter wind has knocked all body out of my now flat, limp locks. It can be frustrating to see your beauty efforts go to waste, but luckily we’ve discovered how to add volume to hair using these 6 simple tricks and some amazing online beauty products. No matter how vicious the breeze, your hair will stay bouncy and full of body all day long.

Trick 1: Before we get onto products, the first most important trick I was ever taught when giving hair body is perfecting your blow dry technique. I personally have always been a fan of the tip-your-head-upside-down-and-shake-it-about technique, but this amateur path does not lead to big gorgeous hair. First of all you want to blow dry the hair in parts, using clips to keep the upper layers out of the way whilst you start with the hair underneath. Using a vented radial brush will add further body and a seductive shape if you curl the hair around the brush as you go. If you’re guilty of sporadic blow drying, or not blow drying at all, this might explain why your hair struggles to maintain volume throughout the day.

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Trick 2: Volume starts at the root so put that hair dryer down, we’re not ready for it yet. Before you blow dry there are some amazing volumising sprays designed to be applied directly to the root of the hair. A personal favourite of mine is this KMS Add Volume Root & Body Spray £15. This spray will inject life into dull, limp and lifeless locks by adding a texture that doesn’t leave a sticky residue and leaving hair full of body and bounce.

Trick 3: Thickening products, no we don’t mean corn flour, are another great way to give body to hair before it’s even dried. This Extra Body Sculpting Foam is a great example by Paul Mitchell £12.25. Its thick, rich, conditioning foam provides flexible body whilst enhancing shine and hydrating hair and it smells absolutely divine all day long. This product adds texture to the hair, making it more receptive to some impromptu styling throughout the day.

Trick 4: Hairspray is a staple hair product that every woman needs in their bathroom cupboard. It can perfect a 50’s up-do, smooth down fly aways and even thicken hair. How to add volume to hair with hairspray? For the best effect try spraying the product directly onto your finger tips, then run your hands underneath your hair to “mess up” the roots. This technique will give you volume without causing the hairs on the top of your head to stick together, maintaining its natural shine. A great product on the market is this TIGI Firm Hold Hairspray £9.40 which uses a lightweight formula that won’t weigh your hair down. Hair remains flexible, sleek and smooth all day with a hydrolyzed wheat protein designed to moisturise and fight frizz.

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Trick 5: Ever stepped out of the ocean and noticed a little while later that your hair was big, bold and full of gorgeous texture? You can recreate this surfer look by bringing back the summer with some salt spray. A product we love is this Surf Infusion Spray by Bumble & Bumble £21.50. This product will allow you to achieve the ultimate undone, beachy look with its salt-in-oil formula which infuses hair with a mellow blend of tropical oils whilst boosting hair with beachy texture. Your easy, breezy, beach-perfect look will bring summer to even the most blustery of days.

Trick 6: I used to think dry shampoo was only good for those morning-after-the-night-before situations when you’ve woken up late feeling like death and don’t have time to shower. How wrong I was! Dry shampoo is fantastic for adding body to thin, limp hair and there are so many great brands out there to choose from so you can find the perfect texture, smell and colour to suit you. Spray in at the roots and leave for a couple of minutes before massaging in and brushing out any obvious grey bits. One amazing product available is this Dry Texturising Spray by Lee Stafford £6.99 which combines dry shampoo with hairspray to create big, bold hairstyles that won’t crumble under pressure. A must have for any limp hair sufferers, the force is strong with this one!

So now you’ve got gorgeous, thick, luscious hair down to a T, you’re ready to go out and face the arctic winds. Just remember to wrap up warm, sadly so far we don’t yet have any beauty tricks for becoming immune to the cold.

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