5 Things You Need In Your Gym Bag

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You have seen that girl at the gym with the smokey eye, face contoured, lipstick even happened. She has not come from work because it's erm 7am, or maybe she works night shifts at Barrios? She is probably wearing a neon slogan tank top which says things like, "Eat clean, train dirty", or, "My sports bra is La Perla". Who am I to judge you would think Nike were paying me to be an ambassador. This gym bunny is committing the the biggest beauty taboo of them all, it is possible her workout is damaging her skin. There is nothing like that feeling of breaking out a sweat, because who doesn't love burpees? Sweating has an important physiological function to regulate our temperature, but activity-induced skin irritation are one of the many signs of a poor gym beauty regimen.

The gym beauty routine: You set your alarm clock to 6am, drink caffeine, caffeine is really important. Smuggle a few protein balls in your bag.

1. Cleanser

Skip the makeup, this will clog your pores, think of the sweat and makeup making mayhem and causing blemishes. Yes i understand there may be some eye-candy at the gym, but he will need to love you for who you are. Online beauty buy: Wash your face with a cleanser like Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti-shine Fresh Cleansing Oil £60, to banish bacteria and excess oil.

2. BB Cream

If your workout has not given you enough of a glow or you are worried about rosy cheeks, a light cover-up like Estee Lauder Clear Difference BB Creme £34, a skin-perfecting formula that is oil-free and acne fighting. Your body is a wonderland, now squat.

3. Hand Sanitizer

I am proud of you for powering through high intensity intervals combined with weight training. Be warned when you touch such equipment you are transferring a lot of bacteria to your face, and boxing gloves are like a nesting ground for bacteria.

4. Conditioner

We know you want you to look all glamorous whilst your work out, but think of the soft hair to go with your post exercise glow. This is dummy-proof multitasking. Online beauty buy: Try a mask like Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask £47, to promote scalp health whilst sweating it out. Listen to Fleetwood Mac's "Caroline" 46 times, and view some images from an Instagram fitness cult to give you a boost.

5. Body Brush

Give yourself a tap on the back for your workout. Now before you hop in the shower, body brush from the bottom up for a few minutes, this will soothe sore muscles and keep skin firm. Online beauty buy: Follow with a scrub like Shiffa Basil & Mint £55, to cleanse deeply and promote cell regeneration.

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