5 Tips For Growing Strong Nails

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Just like Katy Perry and Beyoncé, we love to change up our nails whether it is polka dot nail art, a French manicure or a classic red. However, all of this painting can be damaging to nails. This is why today we are letting you in on some tips for growing strong nails and healthy nails that your hands will thank you for. This involves how to file nails the right way and essential nail products you need such as a cuticle and nail oil. Read on to find out more and then take our beauty bio quiz to discover the right products for you.

1. Moisturise - When you are growing strong nails, moisture is important. We moisturise our face twice a day, so why not our nails? They will look a lot healthier if you moisturise them every day. This could be as simple as using a hand cream but if you want to go a step further, get yourself a cuticle and nail oil for added hydration such as the O.P.I Avoplex Nail And Cuticle Replenishing Oil. Our top tip is to moisturise after you wash your hands as the water dries them out.

2. Manicure - Our favourite tip for growing strong nails is to get regular manicures. Once a week is said to be the most beneficial for healthy nails. I know it seems like this is something that only the rich do but most local salons offer manicures for around £10. If you want to skip the salon for a week, give yourself an at home manicure making sure you know how to file nails correctly (tip 5) and look after your cuticles (tip 3).

3. Cuticles - Talk of cuticles brings me onto the next, very important point for growing strong nails. Whilst there is conflicting advice about how to care for cuticles, we advise you not to take to them with scissors. Apply a cuticle remover to the nail rather than a cuticle and nail oil as the latter does not loosen the dead skin. We love the Ciate Beautiful Cuticles Cuticle Remover. Take an orange stick and push the cuticles back gently.

4. Peeling - We have all been guilty of it at some point or another but the habit of peeling nail polish off needs to stop! It irritates the nail bed and damages it. For healthy nails, apply a couple of thin coats of nail polish, waiting for it to dry for 1 minute in between each coat. A thick dollop of nail polish is much more likely to peel and make you want to finish the job.

5. Filing - It is so important to know how to file nails correctly. We advise getting a crystal nail file and file toward the centre of your nail on each side of your finger for beautiful, strong, healthy nails!