6 Unfortunate Beauty Trends Never To Be Revived

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It's truly fascinating to look back over the evolution of beauty trends. From blood-blusher in the middle ages to radioactive night creams in the 30s, there's been some good and also some very, very bad beauty trends in the past. Today we round up our 5 least favourite beauty trends of the modern age which we think should never, ever be revived. What were they thinking...

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Hair Crimping

Ever wished you could stamp a heart, star or just some wacky zig-zaggy lines in your hair? If you were born between 1980-2000 then probably, but our advice is that you never, ever do it again.

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Overly Defined Tendrils

"Hey, I love your ponytail. You know what would make it look great? Two neatly defined strands of full length hair." Said no one, ever...

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Vibrant Blue Eye Shadow

When it comes to eyeshadow we're all about smokey eyes, blended colours and complimentary hues. Basically, everything that this vibrant blue eyeshadow trend isn't. Christina, what are you doing?

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Fountain Ponytails

The sheer, death defying height of these ponytails makes them, in our opinion, both unpleasant and unsafe. Remember how they used to swing violently from left to right as your walked? Ugh. The only way this trend could be any worse is if you paired it with one of those ghastly 90s scrunchies, oh, sorry Britney...

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Extra-thin Eyebrows

We definitely feel the "the barely there" look is best left to makeup and never eyebrows. These thin wisps for eyebrows are a far throw from the thick, natural looking brows we've come to love from icons such as Cara Delevingne and Carey Mulligan. Put the tweezers down ladies.

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Spiky Updos

Remember these bad boys? Sometimes mixed up with a few badly chosen, badly blended and very dodgy highlights? We don't like to make any bold statements here at My Beauty Matches, but we're fairly certain this is a trend that will never EVER be considered acceptable again. At least we hope so anyway...

Well there you have it, some of the worst beauty trends of the last 50 years, how many have you been guilty of? Here's hoping none of them make a vengeful comeback in 2016 otherwise we might just have a fall out with fashion.

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