5 Ways To Give Your Skin A Brightening Boost

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The dull and dreary impacted season we're currently experiencing is enough for any of us to whip out our passport and book a one way ticket to Caribbean this Winter, in a bid to escape the cooler climate and provide our skin with an essential source of Vitamin D.

However with the likeliness of a booking a last minute impulsive getaway less than a week before Christmas a little more on the unlikely side, you'll be pleased to know that luxury long haul holidays aren't the only answer to sun kissed skin.

A glowgetter boost is still achievable through the practice of using the right products, I've recently been trialing Vetia Mare's skin care collection in an attempt to perk up my skin's radiance and encourage a brightening boost.


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The cleanser you use to wake up your skin cells and remove all traces of dirt is one of the key practices to shaping your skin care regime, I like Vetia Mare's Revitalizing Cleanser, £65 which includes extracts of Cystoceira Algae and Sea Mayweed to relax the skin and increase hydration levels. In a ultra moisturising formula this cleanser is great for refreshing the skin and removing makeup with ease, for skin which is sumptuously soft and superiorly cleansed.


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The art of exfoliation is something we all seem to be more cautious of during the Winter months but as long as you aren't harshly over exfoliating, there's no reason why you can't use a mask or peel once a week. Try Vetia Mare's Refining Enzymatic Peel, £100 which is perfect for refining skin texture and encouraging cell regeneration. Formulated with green and red algae extracts this enzymatic peel also helps to deep cleanse pores and purify the skin for an instant ready made glow!


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Serums are a great way to get a source of energy into the skin I like Vetia Mare's Energizing Serum, £215 followed by the Vetia Mare Brightening Eye-lift Serum, £130 which both help to invigorate the skin and kick start the moisturisation process. The Brightening Eye Lift Serum is also particularly good for diminishing dark circles and strengthening the delicate eye area - a clear winner in our eyes!


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Finding the right moisturiser to see you through the Winter season is often a skin care dilemma in itself, but if you suffer from the likes of dry to dull skin or just want to seal in your brightening boost steps further Vetia Mare's Age-defying 24h Dry Skin Cream, £160 could just be the moisturiser for you. Enriched with a blend of Algae and Seaweed Extracts, this face cream helps to increase moisture levels in the skin and provide a source of anti ageing protection, to ensure your skin stays happy, healthy and most importantly moisturised.