6 Soaps That Will Change Everything

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multicoloured handmade soaps

We use our hands every single day: working, shopping, typing, you name it! We take them for granted and don’t realize just how much wear and tear we put them through, which is why changing one key beauty product can make all the difference. Soap, a simple, yet extremely important and overlooked part of our everyday routine, can make or break our hands. The antibacterial soaps that we count on to keep us healthy can leave hands rough and dry, and others can suck nutrients out of our skin. It’s time to put that boring liquid soap pump on the top shelf, as it contains a lot of water, and get back into the more concentrated, luxurious experience of lathering creamy, scented bubbles in your hands with warm water and feeling truly soft and clean. Take a look at these nourishing soaps to put in your bathroom A.S.A.P.!

korres soap milk

Korres Soap Milk Ideal

This creamy soap is delicate enough to be used on the face and the body, and is ideal for stressed skin. Mineral oil leaves skin feeling soft and velvety, and because it’s silicone-free, the soap is extremely mild and tender on hands. All skin types will benefit from this milky formula.

castile soap

Caswell Massey Dr.Pure Vegetable Soap

This all natural veggie formula uses olive oil and shea butter to hydrate dry skin. Fragrance and preservative-free, sensitive skin types will worship this retro little bar. It lathers into a gentle and pure white foam, leaving skin smooth and clean.

heathcote and ivory soap

Heathcote And Ivory Gardeners Exfoliating Soap

This adorable triple-milled soap is packed with gentle oat bran extracts which work to scrub away dirt, soil, and other nasties from tired nails and fingertips. Skins best friend vitamin E, as well as lemon, sweet orange, and peppermint essential oils soften skin and leave a light fragrance. With paper-packaging that includes carrots, dahlias, and songbirds, this soap is a dream!

phytomer marine soap

Phytomer Seaweed Soap

This circular soap packs a big punch, energizing and invigorating, it gently eliminates dead skin cells while lightly scenting the skin. Extremely versatile, this soap can also be used on feet due to its exfoliating properties, making it the perfect pre-mani/pedi cleanser.

molton brown black pepper soap

Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar

This exfoliating body bar is loading with spicy Madagascan black pepper oil and cracked peppercorns, which act to remove dead skin and soothe tired hands. The invigorating scent gives skin a boost and energizes worked areas, and suds up into a creamy lather.

loccitane lavender soap

L'Occitane Shea Butter Lavender Soap

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the smell of herbal lavender, sourced right from farming co-ops in Haute-Provence. Working directly with womens shea-processing collectives in western Africa to support economic recovery and heritage, this 100% vegetable base and shea butter infusion envelopes skin with moisture without stripping it of vital oils. It’s mild enough to be used on the face, and leaves skin calm and balanced.

soap grater

If you don’t have a soap holder, Nathalie Stampfli has come up with these ADORABLE ways to change up your soap routine, and keep any soap scum from building up on your sink. Check out her soap dispensers, which change block soaps into beautiful little fairy flakes! Recreate your own grating system at home to add sensory fun to your washing routine.