6 Ways Ice Can Solve Your Beauty Hang Ups

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I know what you’re thinking.. It’s already freezing outside, why would I want to use ice cubes in my beauty regime? If you’re constantly suffering from imperfections and can’t figure out what is causing your adult acne, these tips will definitely get you wanting to bathe in ice by the weekend.

Not only is ice free, but it can easily solve all of your beauty hang ups in no time. An age-old beauty secret that celebs and royals swear by, ice can do real wonders to your skin and hair.

Rubbing an ice cube over your face, neck and decolletage every morning can tighten pores, reduce the signs of ageing and refresh your complexion. For an instant refreshing lift throughout the day, try Julie Hewett Cucumber Water.

Reducing oil production, a cube of frozen mineral water, infused with herbs, strawberries and oranges can also reduce the appearance of spots, fighting the cause of adult acne.

Another infusion tip includes calendula, sage and yarrow infused into boiling water, allowed to cool, then frozen to fight serious acne and help heal acne scars.

For dry skin on your face, infuse chamomile, parsley, lime-blossom and fresh mint together to draw and lock in moisture. Keeping your under eyes hydrated has never been easy with Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydro-Gel Eye Masks.

Rinse out your conditioner with ice cold water to lock the hair cuticles (closing your scalp’s pores) to reduce oil production and give your hair an amazing shine.

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If your hair is dry and brittle, wash under ice cold water 2-3 times a week to strengthen the hair, slows down hair loss and prevents frizz.

You’ll no longer be wondering what causes adult acne when you have complexion perfection. With these 6 tips, we’ll be sticking our heads in the freezer every day! Be sure to take our beauty quiz to find products that can help with your beauty concerns.