8 Beauty Tools Every Woman Needs To Own

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When a man wears triple seamed Gore-tex, and has a big enough pocket to carry brass vintage accessories, marry him. It’s a sexy survivalist streak. The same can be said for women, the city dweller should pack the following weapons to fight against any unexpected beauty villains. Have a read of the best make-up application tips and tricks below.

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1. Compact Mirror

Compact mirrors are much more practical than a dim car window reflection, and one of the best makeup application tips. You can also avoid the humiliation when you realise someone is sitting in the passenger seat. The best beauty tip for make up is to go for a compact with a magnifying mirror so you can see each pore. You don’t need to use it for touch-ups alone, you can simply use it to reflect on how good you look.


Eyebrows have become the best accessory come Fashion Week, and a compliment on my brows is the only one I fish for. Eyebrows frame your face and can completely transform your look. I question the life goals of someone who does not have beautifully arched brows. A pair of trusty-slanted tweezers can be the equivalent to the Rolex of the timepiece world.

3. Eyelash Curlers

You’ll be surprised by what an eyelash curler can do. It can give volume to your lashes and widen your eyes. Eyelash curlers will allow you to create the perfect curl and allow your mascara to go the extra mile regardless of your eye shape. Apologies for the amount of times you will have to explain to people that you are not related to Elizabeth Taylor too. Kate Moss has said it’s her secret weapon, and the best beauty tip for make up, so I am already sold.

4. Beauty Blender

These genius tear drop shaped sponges will allow you to contour, highlight, and blend. Beauty Blender is designed to have no edges at all so you can get into those tight spots and it is completely adaptable. The blender is one of the best skin care tips and tricks; the soft texture will give you a flawless finish, and the tear drop shape will reach every curve.

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5. Eyebrow combo

A brush with firm bristles will groom your arch. This brow and liner duo made with the highest quality materials is a genius buy. The flat angled liner will give you precise definition, and the brush with tightly wound synthetic fibres will keep brows in place day to night. If you are dating Zac Efron he’ll probably want to borrow it too.

6. Stippling Brush

A stippling brush is one of the best makeup application tips, it will give you HD results (without sounding like I’m on QVC). Ones with fine goat hair will hold the product whilst releasing colour onto the skin as needed, and will allow you to build up coverage. Alternatively duo-fibre brushes such as Real Techniques Stippling Brush, £10.99, do the same and are 100% cruelty-free. A stippling brush has the same effect as a Beauty Blender but a safer option for those worried about creases.

7. Lip Brush

I love lipstick. I really, really, love lipstick. A swipe of lipstick has the power to change an outfit; it can also make somebody look like a clown when done incorrectly. A lip brush is another one of the best makeup application tips, it is the key to getting the perfect pout, and very useful for touch-ups throughout the day. We are all in need of some controlled precision (usually after a glass of wine), that is why Bobbi Brown Retractable Lip Brush, £22.50, should have a place in your make up bag. Lip brushes also help to build on colour and you can be sure to achieve a polished look. A lip brush will also mean you use less of the product, which means saving money to buy another lipstick. Now you have the perfect pout you can smile for real.

8. Facial Roller

This rolled in a while ago; the tool is like a workout for your face, and may just be one of the best skin care tips and tricks. The deep massaging will boost microcirculation and allow serums to penetrate deeper. Expect your skin to feel plump, glowing, and youthful. Ying Yu Rollers are the best anti-ageing skin care tip, they are hand-carved to massage your face and neck. Rolling on a daily basis should reveal a firmer face.

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