7 Dos and Don'ts For at Home Waxing

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7 Dos and Don

Waxing can be one of the most annoying and painful things you can do as a beauty treatment, so going to salon can be an easy way out. We will make your life easier with these 7 essential do's and don'ts for waxing at home. You will end up with a better treatment and result than you will ever get going to the salon.

  1. DON’T - Before you consider waxing any area of your body you need to be cautious of the condition of your skin. If you are taking strong skin medication, have burns or have circulation problems, waxing is not the right hair removal treatment for you. It will just irritate your skin even more and make it extra sensitive.

  2. DON'T - Wax your hair that is too long or even if it is too short. The ideal length the hair should be is 2/4 inches long. If you wax hair that is longer or shorter than that length you will find that small hairs will not catch on the wax strip and will remain on the skin and long hair will cause a lot more pain and leave hairs behind. If hairs are too long, trim with small scissors to the ideal length and then go on to the next step.

  3. DO - One of the most helpful tip for preventing ingrown hairs is to exfoliate. You do this step before you start waxing as it will release any ingrown hairs before you wax and you also do this after you wax as it will take off any you may have missed and it will keep the skin soft. Using Burt's Bees Sugar Scrub Cranberry & Pomegranate scrub the area you want waxed in circular motions and then with warm water wash it off. DON’T scrub too hard!

  4. DO - Once you have got your at home waxing kit (we love Nad’s Wax and you are ready to use the wax you have to make sure temperature you heat the wax is right. Best way to test the temperature is by putting a small amount of it on the inside of your wrist if it is too hot it will burn and scar your skin and if it is too cold it will pain and be a nuisance whilst applying.

  5. DO - One of the most important things to remember when waxing is always to apply and remove the wax in the right direction. When applying the wax you must always apply it in the direction the hair is growing, this will make the application easier. When removing the wax strip you must pull it off in the opposite direction, this is the way to get all hairs out of the roots.

  6. DON’T - The most common things that people do wrong whilst waxing is going over the same area more than twice! Doing that damages the skin as layers of skins can be removed with it and be very painful.

  7. DO - Once you have waxed the whole of your desired area use Bio Oil to moisturise the waxed skin and also help clean away any excess wax left on the skin.

Now you know all the essential tips for waxing at home you can throw your salon's number away as you can do the hair removal treatment at home!