8 Caffeine Beauty Products That Will Give You A Boost

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Caffeine has often gotten bad wrap in the past for being associated with anxiety, palpitations and going to the toilet all day long. In reality caffeine isn’t the Marvel villain it’s made out to be, I know I certainly couldn’t get through the day without a few cups of it (occasionally more than a few…). To prove that caffeine is actually our friend, we’ve handpicked our favourite refreshing beauty products packed with caffeine that will inject some energy into your beauty regime. To think all this time we’d only thought it was good for coffee…

enter image description here Sit Tight Intense XS Body Firming Serum by Soap & Glory £16.50

Topical application of caffeine is one of the best ways to blitz orange peel skin as it fights phosphodiesterase activity – an enzyme in the body which prevents body fat break down. Apply to problem areas for stubborn cellulite and this wonder cream will help you to break down fatty deposits. This firming and refreshing beauty product comes with a rollerball application so you can combine the active ingredients with a fat-burn promoting massage - music to our ears!

enter image description here In Transit Camera Close-Up by This Works

This caffeine-infused 3-in-1 treatment is a time saving wonder-product as it acts as a mask, moisturiser and primer. Combined with hyaluronic acid, this refreshing beauty product blurs pores and brightens skin to give you a smooth finish and a natural glow. It can be left on for 10 minutes to act as an energising mask, or applied before makeup to act as a skin-smoothing primer.

enter image description here Fat Girl Soap by Bliss £12.40

Fat in women is commonly stored throughout the body in the form of cellulite, which has an “orange-peel” appearance and can be very difficult to budge. One of the most effective methods for encouraging cellulite to break down, other than drinking buckets of water, is to improve the circulation to the skin. This can be done by massaging the affected areas, which is why Bliss created this fat-fighting soap which is designed with nibs to promote lymphatic drainage and fatty deposit breakdown. As an added bonus, it also lathers you up in a delicious cleansing soap so you can smell and look fabulous as it tones skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

enter image description here Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 by bareMinerals £21.22

Caffeine also makes an impressive debut in makeup in this bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 which harnesses caffeine to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine acts to tighten loose skin around the eyes, giving a lifted and brightened appearance to tired eyelids. The creamy formula of this products means it blends effortlessly and with two gorgeous hues to choose from we think this is a refreshing beauty product your eyes will thank you for.

enter image description here Redness Solutions Pressed Powder by Clinique £26.50

Caffeine also works wonders in soothing skin, which is why Clinique have included it as one of the key active ingredients in their Calming Redness Solutions range. By acting as an anti-inflammatory it soothes and calms rosacea-ridden skin. This product works to tackle the issue both in the long and short term as the soothing ingredients work to treat problematic skin, whilst the yellow-tinted powder reduces redness instantly.

enter image description here Caffeine Eye Roll-On by Garnier £8.15

Dark circles plague us throughout the year, but during the winter months they can reach a whole new level of sunken. Thankfully there are a host of caffeine based eye rollers available to tackle this common problem and one wonder products that ranks as one of our ultimate under-eye fixes is this eye roller from Garnier. Combining the de-puffing effects of a cooling rollerball, it harnesses caffeine to get to the root of the problem and refresh fatigued peepers. Try keeping it in the fridge for a cooling effect that will enhance results, leaving your eyes looking brighter and younger at once.

enter image description here De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector by Peter Thomas Roth £63.67

This caffeine-enriched De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector is the perfect solution for those suffering from pigmentation of the skin. This light gel-like serum glides onto the skin, soothing problem areas and banishing unwanted marks. With a blend of powerful complexes and high doses of caffeine, it fades dark spots and acne scars over the course of approximately 12 weeks. This nourishing formula blends down discolouration, restoring your skin to its natural tone.

enter image description here Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense £33.75

Finally, just when you thought caffeine could do no more, we discovered this amazing Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum that can boost body in even the limpest of hair. This water-compatible serum contains high concentrations of volume-boosting caffeine which has been shown to increase visible hair density in as little as eight days. Alongside a wealth of growth complexes this gorgeously scented hair serum could be the boost you’ve been looking for!

With so many amazing beauty benefits it’s definitely time to give caffeine a chance if it’s not currently include in your beauty regime. There are so many amazing products to try, each with different caffeine-driven benefits, so discover a different side to caffeine in 2016.

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