8 Lustworthy Fragrances for an Indian Summer

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 Summer Fragrances

As the days become longer and our hemlines become shorter, there is a fragrance for every Summer memory made awaiting your discovery. Here is a list of our favourites, as heavy musks and spicy scents sneak to the back of our drawers, making way for an array of fresh fragrances to enhance the spirit of the warm season ahead.

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Bobbi Brown “Beach”

This best-selling fragrance gives skin the scent of a sun-kissed summer breeze. Sand jasmine, ocean spray, and mandarin are captured in this sleek bottle, which fits perfectly into any canvas bag. This summertime essential is a windswept fragrance for the sun-seeking adventurer. It’s light enough to wear on the beach itself, or a casual twilight stroll down a warm boardwalk.

Tom Ford fragrance

Tom Ford “Ombre de Hyacinth”

For a sophisticated night out or a romantic evening on the balcony, Ombre de Hyacinth is the one and only. Violet leaf and creamy magnolia swell to the top of this fragrance, leaving room for dreamy hyacinth and tranquil jasmine to enter. The elegant bottle is a Tom Ford staple, and seduces on top of any vanity. As the fragrance is long lasting, spray behind knees and ankles and allow the scent to rise throughout the evening.


Clinique “Happy”

Clinique’s best-selling fragrance offers up notes reminiscent of a floridian orchard. Red grapefruit and mandarin give a fresh burst of life, while Hawaiian wedding flower lightens and entices. Be sure to grab the scent in 100 ml or less to be sure you can take your bottle of good vibes with you on the plane. Spritz it and be happy!

Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto “Yohji Femme”

Cedarwood and sandalwood pull this fragrance down to earth, allowing for an unwavering air of mystery and balance. The essence of femininity, lily and jasmine float to the top, punctuated by drops of pear and black currant. This scent is a relaxing stroll through a garden in full bloom. Wear it on a Midsummers Eve for a magical woodland escape.

Banana Republic Wildbloom

Banana Republic “Wildbloom”

Like cascades of camellia petals enveloped in pink grapefruit, this perfume ignites the senses with a mix of fruit and flowers. Guava adds an unusual punch of juice, and blue orchid keeps the overall tone floral. The scent is bright, fresh, and easy to wear, and comes with a stylish leather flower wrapped around the bottle, which can be used as a fashion accessory. Trusted base notes of patchouli and sandalwood ease the fragrance down to a soft, creamy scent after a few hours of wear, perfect for weddings and garden parties!


Maurer & Wirtz “4711 Original Eau de Cologne”

This captivating scent has a long and beautiful history behind it. The concoction was originally given as a wedding gift by a monk over 200 years ago in Cologne, Germany. In all that time, the formula hasn’t changed, making it extremely unusual and one to cherish. It tantalizes with notes of orange, peach, basil, bergamot, and patchouli, all packaged in a unique glass bottle. This scent is perfect as a refreshing and energizing mist on a sizzling day.

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Diptyque “Philosykos”

This fragrance is the epitome of summer nostalgia. The scent is a replica of fresh-cut grass warmed by the sun. Crisp yet creamy fig leaves add an earthy tone, while cedarwood makes up the base. Wear to a BBQ , or on a lazy day in the backyard. Never overpowering, yet extremely underestimated, this fragrance will become a staple you will cherish.

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AERIN “Rose de Grasse”

The gentle roses in this bottle have all been hand-picked and cultivated in the fields of Grasse, France, since the 16th century. When you breathe in this intoxicating fragrance, you are experiencing the same gentle notes as centuries of women did before.. Rose Centifolia makes up a large part of this mix, as they are renowned for their spectacular hundred-petal blooms. Bulgarian rose adds a rich sensuality to the mix. A waft of this spectacular fragrance reminds one of standing in a rose garden after the morning dew has settled. It’s a classic fragrance done well, and a must-have for every boudoir.