How Long Your Should Really Keep Your Makeup For

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Look through my bathroom cabinet and you will find an array of brands and bottles; glass bottles of magic elixirs, some opened, some gifted from Christmas which remain untouched, but never without a neighbour because of my inability to say no to a woman In a white lab coat at a department store. I am sure you are no exception. The modern woman refuses to waste the last drop of foundation, that ½ an inch of lip-liner, yet has an unjustified lipstick purchase as she convinces herself it is the perfect shade of crushed berry unlike no other she has at home. It rarely crosses our minds to consider the expiry dates of beauty products but at worst they can cause irritation or infection. Taking into consideration beauty expiration dates may just be one of the best tips for healthy skin.

Mascara: Three months

The shortest life span of all the cosmetics. Liquid eye make-up has high risk of causing eye irritation and redness. When out of date the thickening fibers will separate from the liquid and the product will no longer be performing the optimum results. (Never pump the wand as this will cause air into the tube causing it to dry out).

Liquid Eyeliner: 3 months

Similar with mascara the texture is a good feeding ground for bacteria and tends to dry out. One of the top beauty tips is using a pencil eyeliner as they have a longer life-span as a clean surface is created each time when sharpened.

Foundation: 6 months

You increase the risk of bacteria spreading when you dip brushes and sponges in your foundation, as it ages it will have an inconsistent texture and cause an uneven finish. Powders have a low risk as bacteria can only grow when water is present. Throwing away out of date foundation is one of the top tips for healthy skin.

Lipstick: One year

The risk of lipstick growing bacteria is minimum as it doesn’t contain any water but as it is repeatedly exposed to the mouth area it should ideally be replaced if you have been sick.

Nail Varnish: One year

Keep out of sunlight and store in room temperature, avoid storing in the bathroom. If it’s thick and clumpy, chuck!

Moisturisers and serums: 6-12 months

Active ingredients like Retinol and glycolic containing products loose their effectiveness much more quickly, as they degrade the concentration levels alter which can irritate the skin. Ingredients such as Vitamin C degrades rapidly when exposed to sunlight. One of the top skin care tips is to purchase products which come in a pump to shield air.

Shampoo: 1 year after opening

One of the top beauty tips to be noted is to always make sure lids are sufficiently closed. When air and water purge in it will break down the formula.

Fragrances: 2 years+

Don’t store on a window ledge. Keep out of direct sunlight as this will alter the scent of the fragrance.

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