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Natural Beauty Products

With World Environment Day just around the corner, we can all do small things to help maintain a wholesome environment. Whether you walk to work instead of drive, or (try!) cut your shower time down to 5 minutes instead of 20, the littlest action can go a long way. Even when it comes to beauty, we can make a difference with all natural beauty products. Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba are two savvy celebs who love everything organic. If you are wondering where to buy all natural makeup, take a look at three of our favourite all natural beauty products:

Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil

We love this totally natural facial oil from Cowshed, a brand known for using natural botanicals and sustainable resources. This oil is made with neroli essential oil, which is calming and rejuvenating on dry skin. The sweet smelling cranberry essential oil absorbs easily into the skin, locking in all that crucial moisture that you need for a healthy looking glow. It is perfect for those who want to firm, tone and moisturise. Massage a few drops into cleansed skin and then use your normal moisturiser on top.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

Another gem in the all natural beauty products category (that is also going to give you healthy looking skin) is this cleansing face wash from Balance Me. It is designed for normal to combination skin, so mostly anyone can give it a go. If you like to remove makeup with something other than wipes, this could be the product for you: it removes makeup and grime, illuminating the skin without stripping it of moisture. With frankincense essential oils, anti-oxidant full moringa and rice bran oils, you can be rest assured that you are using ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream

We have all heard of going green, but, for this World Environment Day, why not go orange with this night cream from Yes to Carrots. Do not panic, you won't really turn orange (and you will not smell like carrots either!). When applied as the last step in your evening skin care routine, this cream gives skin the boost of hydration that it needs. It is made with carrots and vitamin E and is also petroleum, SLS and paraben free. Great news for those of you who want healthy skin from all natural beauty products!