Are Peels Good For Your Skin?

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Being of Indian ethnicity I often worry about pigmentation issues and I’m a big believer in prevention before cure, so I thought it was about time I did something about it.

I was confident that a laser treatment would solve my problem, but when I arrived at the Cadogan Clinic I learned that the yellow laser treatment I had my eye on was not suited for people with my skin shade or darker. So the therapist was kind enough to suggest another treatment instead: a peel.

We have all of course heard of peels but I wasn’t quite sure what it was or how it worked. As my skin is a little sensitive the therapist suggested we use the Enerpeel brand’s Mandelic Peel. It's for all skin types and mainly combats uneven skin tone, rosacea and pigmentation. It’s also anti bacterial and not too harsh on the skin.

She asked me to lie down on their treatment bed, gently cleansed my face with the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Cleanser, gave me a headband and then lightly applied the peel to my face and left it for 10 minutes. Apparently some people might get a tingling feeling but I felt nothing. The chemical peel exfoliates the top layer of your skin. This peel had 40% mandelic acid which helps with pigmentation and rosacea but if you have acne it is better to opt for the salicylic acid peel.

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SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Cleanser, £31.00

The treatment is considered to have no down time which is partially correct. Two to four days after the treatment my skin was slightly peeling and flaking, however I could see the new skin layer surface very quickly. They recommend not wearing any makeup or putting your face in very hot water for the initial 24 hours, but you must wash your face carefully before bed to remove all residue from the peel.

My therapist suggested a course of four peels and advised me to wear a strong SPF after each treatment. I am currently wearing the Murad Essential C Day Moisture as it contains Vitamin C, SPF 30 and isn't sticky.

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Murad Essential C Day Moisture SPF 30, £59.99

My treatment cost £200 and The Cadogan Clinic is open Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

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