Are You Anti-Ageing Your Hair?

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I’m fed up of Buzzfeed posting another nostalgia list, because it makes me feel really old. Last week I thought about anti-ageing my neck and now I need 3 anti-ageing creams; for my face, hands, and neck, because gravity is working against me (as John Mayer would sing). Talking of John Mayer I no longer have dreams of him as my prom date but nightmares about poor Ebay feedback. I am starting to loose my hearing, my eyesight is not what it once was, and I have no idea what music is in the charts. I have started leaving passive-aggressive post-it notes on the fridge. I have forgotten what I was even writing about because one of the cliché consequences of getting old is memoir responses.

Today I bring you anti-ageing your hair. When should you start to think about-anti-ageing your hair? Sure we don’t get wrinkles in our hair but as we get older our hair becomes dull and lifeless. Once you hit your thirties, thinning strands begin to appear. The following tips for healthy hair will help you turn back the clock.

Top tip for healthy hair: A shampoo with collagen will help thicken and strengthen lifeless hair.

Online beauty buy: Clynol Cleansing Shampoo £7.75, is infused with ocean collagen. This formula will make your hair visibly fuller.

Top tip for healthy hair: A shampoo with a low-PH formula will help those experiencing hair loss.

Online beauty buy: Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge £24.32, will allow you hair to regain substance and shine. The moisturising formula nourishes the scalp so your locks can feel revitalised with improved health.

Top tip for healthy hair: You may be over-shampooing your hair, this will strip away lipids; lipids play an active role in boosting shine and preventing breakage.

Online beauty buy: Choose a moisturising or a colour protecting shampoo like L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Hair Mask £22. Whether your hair is coloured or damaged this 3-minute hair mask will deeply restore the capillary fibre, to leave hair strong and soft.

Top beauty tip: Hair is most fragile when it is wet, as the hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken when wet or damp. Never comb your hair straight out of the shower, use a wide-tooth comb in the shower combing through your leave-in conditioner.

Online beauty buy: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Metamorph Preparatory Oil Balm £21.38. This pre-shampoo balm is a silicone-free formula with 5 essential oils to gently cleanse hair.

Top tip for healthy hair: Never rub your wet hair with a towel. Gently blot your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.

Online beauty buy: Try Color Wow Raise The Root Thicken & Lift Spray £16.50, for instant volume. It also contains a UV filter.

Top tip for healthy hair: One of The 10 commandments of anti-ageing your hair is sunscreen. Sunscreen will help your hair fight against harmful UV rays and prevent locks from becoming brittle and dry.

Online beauty buy: Philip Kingsley Styling Weatherproof Hairspray £5.95, is anti-static, anti-frizz, and weatherproof.

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