Are You Eating This For Healthy Hair?

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Dear hair, I’m just going to be honest; you have made me cry a few times. Like when I got my heartbroken on New Years Eve and I cut you off. It was like when Samson lost all his power when Delilah cut his hair off, or when Britney shaved her hair off, because she wanted to be set free from the mind-controlling Illuminati. Or did I just make that up? I don’t really know you well because I have forgotten what you look like. You have been jet-black, brunette, candy-floss pink, blonde, then there were the days when adolescent aloofness dictated my conduct. I was not tuned into a frequency about becoming a grown up or approximating effortlessness with the kind of idiosyncratic effort that felt both permissive and distinguished. I never brushed you. I don’t praise you enough, and I guess it's because you still give me perpetual anxiety when you are left wild. You matter a lot to me. It bothers me when people don’t pay attention to you, like when you went from a middle parting to a side parting which totally framed my face differently. I have used you on numerous occasions, especially when bumping into ex-lovers. I threw you in front of my face as a security blanket; in the hope you would make me completely unrecognisable, I am so ashamed. Anyway you are so much more to me to me than dead protein and I’m going to really look after you from now on.

The relationship I have with my hair has the ability to make or break me. Fortunately, the secret to getting lush locks may just involve food. The following foods will stimulate hair proteins, and protect its fibers. Eating these foods are a few of the best tips for healthy hair, and will also help you to have healthy nails and eyelashes.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the foods to eat for healthy hair. Brown rice has a high concentration of biotin, this helps improve the elasticity of hair and reduce brittleness. Eating brown rice nourishes the hair follicle, stimulating hair cell renewal, which leads to thicker strands.

Swiss chard

The magnesium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and sulphur in Swiss chard activate the production of Keratin and elastin. This will make hair resilient and glossy, whilst nurturing eyelashes and nails.

Chia seeds

Contain omega-3 fats, which improve the integrity keratin, creating thick tresses and a healthy scalp.

Organic eggs

Eggs are another one of the foods to eat for healthy hair. Eggs are high in zinc and sulphur, which regulates oil production in hair follicles, strengthening the fibers.


Walnut contains Vitamin E and Biotin, which help reduce hair loss, strengthen hair, and encourage hair growth. Walnuts also contain Vitamin E. Nuts in general contain various potent sources of hair-enhancing vitamins. Brazil nuts are also fantastic for shielding the hair against sun damage. One of the top tips for healthy hair is make sure you snack on a few nuts.


Figs are rich in iron, which stimulates hair growth. Iron deficiency is one of the most common reasons for brittle nails and hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A, which helps to maintain a healthy scalp.

Pink Grapefruit

This has a high concentrate of vitamin C, which is essential for collagen turnover. Vitamin C also protects hair from sun damage, and tackles against dull lifeless hair.


Kale is rich in carotenoids and magnesium, which fight against the degradation of the cells, which make up hair fibers.


Olives are rich in vitamin e, which will keep hair soft and manageable. It will also reconstruct the hair fibers to prevent breakages.


They have anthocyanins, which keep hair strong; they will protect hair against any harsh chemicals.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is another one of the best tips for healthy hair and skin. Anti-oxidant polyphenol-rich green tea will give nourish the scalp and tresses.

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