Are You Making Any Makeup Mistakes

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We all love makeup, but are you one of the many women who might be making makeup mistakes? Never mind if you are unsure of what makeup mistakes are as My Beauty Matches are here to tell you what tips you need to include or avoid in your beauty routine.

The first and most obvious makeup mistake is that many women use the wrong products for their profile. This is easily resolved by using personalise my beauty on our site as you can find the right beauty products for your skin type and age by simply answering a few questions about yourself.

Skipping Moisturiser

One of the top beauty mistakes is applying your foundation on dry skin, you may have heard us say this before but the importance of a moisturiser cannot be emphasised enough. Applying a foundation without a moisturiser beforehand can enhance the look of the dryness of your skin rather than cover it up and instead you will end up with flaky skin with some foundation on top. Avoid this by simply applying a face cream every morning, night and just before you apply your makeup. This will enable your skin to look healthy and glowing. We love Nivea’s Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream for Dry Skin


Now it is time to look at your concealer. This is one of the products that most women use incorrectly but love as it covers their dark circles or baggy eyes. Well ladies, a concealer can actually do quite the opposite and turn your makeup into ugly makeup. To avoid this, ensure that you are purchasing a concealer that is only one and not three shades lighter than your actual skin tone. Test this out on the back of your hand to match it to your skin. Getting a concealer that is too light for your skin can leave you looking scary with white circles under your eyes than anything else. One of the popular concealer and one that we love is Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer Nude. This concealer blends in with most skin tones and is very light on your skin but still provides excellent coverage.


Source: MiloBerry Blog

Perfect Eyebrows

2014 is all about thick eyebrows, while we do not all have natural thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, this does not mean we should ignore our eyebrows and do nothing. There are plenty of options on how to exaggerate your eyebrows and enable them to look thick such as using an eyebrow pencil or applying brown eyeshadow to fill in the gaps. There is also a danger with this that most women overlook. Do not follow weird beauty tips such as fill in your brows with black pencil. You should only opt for a colour that is one shade lighter than your hair colour as this will enable it to look more natural. We are in love with Ellen Wille Eyebrow Makeup Eyepower Christian Colour as it lasts all day and is easily applied with the stencils that come along with it.

Overdoing it with the eyeshadow

Now we all love to experiment with our makeup in order to get the professional extreme makeup look. However, there is a fine line between heavy makeup and looking like a clown. Most women think that to have smokey eyes, they need to apply every colour that comes with their palette. This results in the eyelids looking messy rather than smokey. To avoid this, you should be only using up to 3 light colours or 2 light and one dark colour and ensure the colours compliment each other. If you are unsure of how to use eyeshadows in the right way, there are plenty of makeup eye tutorials online that you can follow to get the right look you want.