Ask The Expert: Can You Fix Your Skin With A Hug?

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Combining anti-ageing medicine, health and nutrition coaching, hormonal rebalancing and holistic care in her treatments, Dr Terry Loong is a champion of women. A doctor for over 11 years, her passion for beauty and understanding of the pressures women face today is what has catapulted her in to skin care stardom. After studying aesthetic medicine, Dr Terry began discovering more natural remedies and shared her knowledge with busy women whose skin suffer from the daily grind, all in order to help them understand their bodies and take charge of how they look, feel and age.

“I believe when a woman feels confident in herself, it will create a positive ripple effect in her family, her community and the world at large.”

Here Dr Terry shares her top skin care tips:

- If not pregnant, what supplements should every woman be taking to balance out their hormones?

Every woman, if not expecting, should be taking a minimum of a MultiVitamin & MultiMineral, Vitamin D 2000mg/day, Omega 3 1000mg/day, and a supplement for adrenal support.

- What percentage do you think stress affects our skin and what alternative methods can we try to help treat our concerns?

Stress affects 90% our immune system: our digestion, our breathing, our thoughts, our cravings which all affect the skin in some way. Increase the ability of your body to cope with stress with alkalising foods, antioxidants, organic foods (as much as possible), breathing exercises, movement, spending time in nature, hugs, laughing with friends, being creative and looking after yourself. Reduce or manage the stress you experience not just emotionally and physically but also from your external environment, your internal environment, mentally and spiritually.

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- Do you believe that women should use a combination of both natural and medicated products for their skin?

A top skin care tip is that good thoughts contribute to good skin. We have a lot of water in our cells, including skin cells, and water vibrates differently depending on positive or negative messages – energies are being sent to them. Even if you use the most natural or medicated products on your skin, if your thoughts or words you say to yourself are negative, the cells will not flourish as optimally as they could do.

At times, natural products works and at times medicated products are what you need. It all depends on the individuals skin condition, background and lifestyle.

- What natural products do you suggest to women who suffer from adult acne?

Topically women who suffer from adult acne should apply tea tree oil for anti-inflammation, calming, reducing oil and use it for its antibacterial properties. Clay masks are great as they detox the skin and deeply cleanse too. Online Beauty Buy: Medik8 Clay Mask from £27.00.

- What is your go-to product in a skin emergency?

Glacial Marine Mud by Epoch – it leaves my skin clear, smooth and bump free! Online Beauty Buy: Clayspray Red Claytherapy from £25.00.

- What beauty products can you not live without?

Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop, ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish, Glacial Marine Mud by Epoch and Renew Serum by Glotherapeutic. Online Beauty Buy: The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash from £5.50.

Thank you Dr Terry!

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