How To Cover Up A Hangover With These Simple Tricks

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Woah. Someone had a heavy one…

No, we don’t know what you did last night and yes, it probably was embarrassing. There’s no undoing the damage caused by that 5th glass of Prosecco and I’m certainly not speaking to Barbara about what you said to her husband, but what we can do is work on an expert cover up. You may be dying on the inside but the only way to redeem yourself after an evening of overindulgence is to brush yourself off, perform some S.O.S beauty magic and walk back in with your banging-head held high. So whether you’re doing the walk of shame post-staff party, or just pre-empting a little overindulgence this Christmas day, here are the top beauty tips for hiding your hangover. We promise no one will ever know...

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That taste, eurgh, what is it? The canapes? The red wine? The shame? When you’re hungover your body produces a waste product called Acetaldehyde which quite literally leaks out of your pores. This is why no matter how many times you brush your teeth, that sour taste still manages to creep back. Our technologically advanced solution? Gum. Breath mints. Whatever form of minty freshness you can get your shaking hands on because I’m sorry, you’re just going to have to wait this one out.

The bad news is that Acetaldehyde doesn’t only sit in your mouth, it also exudes from your skin creating a rather distinctive smell, ever wondered why people could still smell the alcohol on your even after you’d showered? The solution: try carrying an emergency perfume in your handbag. When trying to act as though you didn’t drink the bar dry last night, you’ll want to go for a light, refreshing smell which says “I woke up feeling fabulous today”. A deliciously fresh scent that is perfect for this purpose is Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs £36.21. With this handy hangover sidekick by your side, no one will suspect a thing (unless they notice that you are in fact wearing the same shirt as yesterday…)

After a heavy night, your skin has a way of telling all. Each little blemish that had, the day before, seemed so insignificant suddenly becomes magnified 100 times. Your face is pale and blotchy and your pores appear to have transformed into gaping wells packed full of last night’s makeup. It’s a complexion disaster that leaves you feeling like you stepped out of The Great Gatsby and into The Nightmare Before Christmas. The first and most important step is to get what remains of last night’s makeup off your face which can be easier said than done if you were unable to make it home on the night in question (no judgement here). A great rescue remedy for these situations is to carry cleansing wipes in your handbag such as these Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes £3.55. This cheap and cheerful solution will have your face feeling fresh in seconds and reduces your chances of a post-night out breakout. If you’re not sure which cleansing products are suitable for your hungover skin, try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to discover your perfect hangover solutions.

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Last night your hair was looking great, it was stylish, shiny and full of body. This morning however it resembles a bird’s nest that’s been dragged through a bush backwards and dipped in grease. It’s a difficult look for even the best of us to pull off, but sometimes you wake up just a little too late to hop in the shower and effectively resolve the situation. At times like this you need dry shampoo, the time-poor woman’s answer to clean, fragrant and volumised hair in an instant. Batiste do a fantastic range which come in a variety of fragrances so your hair can look and smell delicious even when you’re feeling a little peaky to say the least.

You’ve got fresh breath, a refreshing fragrance, a clean face and soft hair. The finish line is in sight. There’s just one last glaringly obvious sign that you hit the town hard last night, but thankfully we have the solution. Dark, sunken, puffy eyes are a classic tell tale sign of a few too many drinks and not enough sleep. They can be an everyday problem for many people, but on hangover these “bags” can reach a whole new level. Using a rejuvenating roll-on eye treatment such as this Aroma White C+ Anti Dark Circle Multi-Brightening Eye Care Roll On from Decleor £38 can rescue you from the panda eyes. This hydrating eye treatment reduces puffiness around the eyes as the massaging roll on applicator smooths and soothes tired eyes. The White Focus Complex formula, combined with Vitamin C and essential oils visibly reduces the appearance of shadows leaving your once sunken eyes bright and vibrant.

You are now ready to put on a brave face, go out and seize the day. Whilst we can’t mask the feelings you may be brewing on the inside, at least now you have the tools to look more composed than you feel. Go get yourself a coffee and take a deep breath, because it’s probably time to have that chat with Barbara…

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