Beauty Cheats You Can Not Live Without

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Have you ever wondered how you can cheat your way through life without spending bucks on beauty products? Compensating for something that is at home and does the exact same thing could not be any easier we reveal the biggest beauty cheats for you ladies. To search and compare beauty products online try our 2 minute beauty match quiz.

1. Hair - If you have run out of your favourite dry shampoo, try baby powder - remember not to put too much on. Create a 3 minute up messy up do by gathering all your hair and tying it back in a high ponytail. Twist the hair into a bun and wrap an elastic band around it. To rough up the hair just tug at it gently so the hair does not look so ‘proper’.

Homemade leave in conditioner can be made by using regular conditioner and water (one part conditioner and three parts water). Spraying this on your hair throughout the day will not only leave it smelling nice but reduce any frizz.

Curling your hair using no heat: After you come out of the shower towel dry your hair and apply hair mousse to it by scrunching your hair together. Let your hair air dry, would be better if you slept on the damp hair. By the morning your hair will be curly.

2. Skin - Makeup remover at home: Use coconut oil to remove your makeup, using a cotton pad to wipe away all the guck. Plus coconut oil is a great moisturiser. Get rid of blackheads with baking soda: Make a baking soda mask by adding enough water to it so it becomes a creamy consistency and leave it on till it dries and wipe off with a warm damp cloth.

Ran out of your favourite perfume? Try using essential oils as deodorant until you get the chance for re purchase. The best cuticle treatment is a lip balm or even Vaseline. A shaving cream alternative is a good conditioner and great for saving space whilst travelling.

3. Makeup - No more eyeliner when you wiggle your mascara at the roots of your lashes. Gives the illusion of smudged black liner. Use your lipstick as a blush: Great for when you are out and do not want to carry your whole makeup case with you.

Make your lipstick last by rubbing your lips with tissue after you have applied the lipstick. Make your body shine by mixing your highlighter and body lotion together and rub it all over your legs.