ALERT: Beauty Myths and Facts Revealed!

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Will cutting your hair make it grow faster? Does chocolate really cause spots? We have all heard our fair share of claims when it comes to beauty, but is there any truth in them? Or are they all just a load of old-wives tales? We reveal seven beauty myths and facts to find out once and for all!

1.** Plucking grey hairs will cause several to grow back in their place **- Fortunately this is not true, thank goodness! Feel free to pluck away, or dye your grey strands to match the rest.

2.Some cleansers can help minimise pores - Unfortunately this is a beauty myth and not fact, no cleansers can permanently reduce the size of your pores as this is a genetic feature. They can however, make pores temporarily appear smaller which is better than nothing.

3.** Chocolate will give you spots** - While there is no direct link between chocolate and break outs, a poor diet in general is not good for your skin. It is thought that rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels could potentially aggravate acne as it affects the function of the body's sebaceous glands.

4.** Your hair gets used to your shampoo **- This is a popular beauty myth, but again there is no evidence to suggest it is true. Of course, using the same product in the same way day after day will have the same effect - no surprises there! So it is a good idea to change things up and use different products if you are dissatisfied with the results.

5.** You do not need sunscreen on a cloudy day **- Do not be fooled by the clouds! Just because the sun's rays are masked by the clouds does not mean the harmful UV rays are not damaging your skin. You should always wear SPF protection, even in the winter. The easiest way to ensure you are protected is to use a moisturiser or foundation with at least SPF 15 protection in it.

6.** You should start wearing anti-aging cream over the age of 30 - **This is another common misconception. The rate and severity at which our skin ages depends on a number of factors. For example our genes play a huge role, as do our lifestyle choices. For instance, those who smoke, spend a lot of time in the sun, or do not get enough sleep are more likely to show signs of aging earlier. When it comes to anti-ageing products, studies suggest that the earlier you begin, the better off your skin will be in the long run.

7.** Cutting your hair will make it grow faster **- If only that was true! We've all experienced those disastrous haircuts that have us reaching for our hats in the middle of summer. The reality is your hair grows at its own pace regardless of how often (or how much) you get chopped off. It is of course still worth getting it cut regularly to get rid of split ends and generally improve the hair's appearance and health.