Benefits of a silk pillow case - We tried and tested it!

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Silk pillow case by White and Green Home

We all know a good night’s rest has a lot of benefits from lowering our stress levels to improved skin. However, sleeping on the wrong type of pillow case could be doing you more harm in your sleep to your skin than you could know. 

Synthetic or cotton pillowcases is what most of us have. Synthetic ones don't let your skin breath properly and the problem with cotton is that it sucks in and absorbs all moisture and leaves sleep lines on the face. Therefore, sleeping on these materials strips both your hair and skin from its moisture (as well as any night cream you might have put on). This leaves our hair frizzy and ages the skin faster as the sleep lines on our face in the morning can develop into permanent lines.  

Due to these issues, you might have heard of more and more people using silk pillowcases. Firstly, it gives an instant princess-luxury vibe to you while sleeping but it also just helps your skin and hair to glide on it and it feels incredibly comforting. One of the reasons it feels so comfortable is because of the texture of the pillow case but also because silk pillowcases adjust to body temperatures.  

So, I decided to rejuvenate my hair and skin with the White & Green silk pillowcase and eye mask. I love eye masks!

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Silk eye mask from White and Green Home

Silk pillow cases normally have a shiny finish of silk but this one instead had a matte lustre. It avoids to conduct static electricity which is better to protect my hair. The other benefit is that any night creams or serums I applied before bed are more absorbed by my skin now than the pillow case.

I tried the Peace Silk pillowcase and eye mask from the luxury homeware brand White & Green. I was keen to try this brand over any others because conventional production of silk involves boiling silkworms alive with approximately 3,000 silkworms killed for one pound of silk! (I know sounds cruel and awful). But White & Green refuse to take part in that cruel production method and are dedicated to the ethical and sustainable manufacture of all their products, including their silk pillowcases. 

Their silk products are completely cruelty free and made by harvesting the cocoons AFTER the silkworms have emerged naturally and flown away as moths.

The other benefit if the silk pillow case is that it is much more gentle on the hair. Now my hair glides on the pillowcase and there is less breakage and hair loss. One immediate difference I noticed was that my hair was less tangled and less frizzy so I didn't need to wash my hair as often.

The benefits don’t stop there. The White & Green Peace Silk is also hypoallergenic and the silk proteins repel any dust mites and allergens which reduces asthma. 

Available from White and Green Home.

The pillow case costs £75 and the silk eye mask £33.