Brand Of The Month: Discover Gold With Chantecaille

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enter image description here December is the month of giving, good will and joining in with the festive spirit, but with so many gifts to be bought and food to be cooked, it can get pretty exhausting. At My Beauty Matches we think it’s important to remember to treat yourself and we believe there is no better way to indulge than with the most luxurious brands in beauty. So to get you party-ready for one of the most celebrated months of the year allow us to introduce: Chantecaille.

Chantecaille is to beauty what Champagne is to a dinner party, luxurious, classy and ever so delicious. Founded by Sylvie Chantecaille in 1977 the French beauty franchise is not just a brand, it’s a legacy. With the combined support of multiple generations, the Chantecaille’s mission is to use beauty to change the world. Practicing the belief that they should give back to the bountiful nature that serves as their muse, Chantecaille have launched many "Cause-metic" campaigns to raise awareness of issues surrounding conservation and the environment. Focused on producing the best beauty products in skin care, makeup and fragrance using uniquely high concentrations of natural botanicals, Chantecaille are crafting beauty products with a difference. Harnessing the restorative powers of natural ingredients and combining them with the latest technological advances in beauty product design, Chantecaille products achieve a sophisticated balance of nature and science making them stand out above the rest. We believe that Chantecaille encompasses what Christmas is all about: luxury, indulgence and gold, so here are some of our favourite products from our brand of the month!

enter image description here We love all things gold, so obviously we jumped at the opportunity to include it in our skin care regime. It’s no secret that gold has many beneficial uses in skin care which is why Chantecaille have harnessed the regenerative powers of gold in their Nano Gold: Firming Treatment £280. This pure and powerful treatment, with an innovative blend of ingredients, delivers immediate comfort, hydration and a smoother complexion. With a mind-blowing 45% reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, we think the firming powers of this product are well worth the price tag.

enter image description here The skin around our eyes is incredibly sensitive and at a time of year where we’re guilty of not enough sleep and wearing a lot of makeup, it’s more important than ever to give your lids and lowers some TLC. We think the Nano Gold: Energizing Eye Cream £230 by Chantecaille is the perfect solution for those dark, bleary mornings when you just want to stay in bed. Using breakthrough technology, this intensive anti-aging cream stands out above the rest by invigorating and refreshing delicate skin. Using the curative power of our favourite metal, this cream hydrates cells, improves tone and lightens dark circles. It’ll almost feel as if that extra bottle of wine never happened.

enter image description here For an on the go eye makeover, we love this Nano Gold: Energizing Eye Serum £170.67 in a sleek gold roll on. Perfect for slipping into your handbag, this modern beauty gadget will leave you with eyes that outshine even the most vibrant of Christmas trees. LycoSkin, an exclusive ingredient derived from tomato stem cells, protects skin from damaging environmental factors resulting in stronger, healthier skin. This effective eye serum contains raspberry stem cells, which are an antioxidant, this product helps to reduce free radicals which can attack your DNA, reducing risk the risk of cancer, strokes and cataracts. A pampering treatment with multiple health benefits? Oh go on then…

enter image description here Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly suffered through a few Boxing Days with a dry mouth, banging head and puffy eyes. I’m not sure if it’s a hangover from the alcohol or the food but whatever it is, it’s not pretty. For an intensive eye de-puffer on these rather messy mornings, this Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask £185 is a great solution. This cooling mask eliminates puffiness whilst reducing fine lines and brightening those “I only got 3 hours sleep” dark circles. With a combination of natural seaweed extracts and luxurious 24 Karat gold this indulgent formula boosts collagen production, providing a long-lasting treatment for delicate eyes.

The above products were just 4 we loved from the Chantecaille Gold collection, but you can explore the full range here. If you’re not sure which online beauty products are right for your skin, why not try taking our quick and free questionnaire to see a collection of handpicked products to suit your needs? Whether you’re excited to celebrate Christmas, or just wanting to enjoy a decadent december, we think the Chantecaille range is an absolute gold mine for self indulgent beauty buys (if you’ll pardon the pun).