Show Stopping Holiday Looks

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Beyonce wearing sunglasses

Whilst rocking a neutral eye for everyday wear seems intrinsic, there is something endearing about the holiday season that makes us want to mix things up a little: something that is bright and striking - a makeup look with added zest. Whether that means a touch of a bright pink lipstick or a neon eye shadow, we share our favourite looks for the holiday season.

For our first look, you will need mascara, foundation and a bright pink lipstick. Try the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in the shade 'Provocative Pink' for a burst of bubblegum pink on your lips; the colour complements a bronzed tan perfectly. Apply multiple coats of black mascara to make your eyelashes stand out, along with a good coat of that lipstick. If you aren't a fan of bright pink lipstick (it can definitely be a bit of an audacious choice!) a juicy orange, cherry red or deep purple will work just as well. This holiday makeup look is a great statement look, with your bold lips taking centre stage.

If you prefer to make your eyes the centre of attention, leave behind the more conventional brown, white and black hues. Make way for some neon eye shadow, or anything vivid and highly pigmented. We recommend applying a plum shadow all over the lid, with Daniel Sandler's Sheer Satin Shadow Shimmer. Line the eyes with a soft-pink eye liner pencil on the top and bottom lash lines, and smudge it out with an eye shadow brush or with your fingers.

Next, apply a pink eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyes to create a demure smokey eye that is a little more unconventional than the standard dark/neutral colours. Tight-line the water line and top lash line with black eye liner to make your eyes stand out even more. Finally, finish off the look with mascara and some lip gloss. You can experiment with this look using all sorts of vibrant colours such as turquoise and gold, or yellow and red.

If you want a holiday makeup look that is less time consuming, take a neon eye shadow and apply all over the lid. Match the colour with your lipstick, and you are ready to take on the world. If colourful eye shadow is not for you, try matching a bright orange lipstick with orange nails.

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