Cheat Your Way To Hathaway

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Today is Anne Hathaway’s 33rd birthday and here at My Beauty Matches we think she’s looking better than ever. Having adopted a wide variety of roles including the dramatically dressed Ice Queen, the super sexy Cat Woman and the utterly unfashionable Andy Sachs; we’ve absolutely loved watching Anne’s transformations over the years. However, if there’s one style she rocks, it’s the natural look, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite products and top natural makeup tips to help you recreate the birthday girl’s best looks.

Hair Anne Hathaway

With gorgeous, bouncing, luscious locks it’s impossible not to covet Anne Hathaway’s hair. If your lacklustre barnet needs some revitalising try Wella SP Volumize Shampoo from £36. This amazing online beauty buy can help you give even the flattest of hair a lift. The nourishing formula is designed to leave your hair full of bounce from the roots and for extra volume try using a round brush when blow drying.

If split ends and flyaways are your problem then look no further than Collistar Instant Smoothing Filler Mask from £15. This rich, creamy mask prevents split ends and tames frizz with its intensive, nourishing and lightweight formula which won’t weigh your hair down. We guarantee this product will help you to recreate Anne’s dazzling shine by leaving your hair shinier, stronger and healthier.

Skin enter image description here

We love the contrast between Anne’s dark hair and her flawless porcelain skin, but we know a clear complexion isn’t always easy to maintain. If you suffer from breakouts there are many top skin care products available. Try taking our quick online beauty test to find the perfect online beauty products suited specifically to your skin type. A popular product currently on the market is Face Care Blemish Control by Trilogy from £12.50. This effective, fast-acting treatment contains salicylic acid which promotes skin repair, whilst the antibacterial lemongrass and mandarin extracts help to prevent future breakouts.

To create a smooth complexion which looks natural, a popular beauty product is the anti-ageing foundation by La Prairie from £72. Containing SPF 15, this anti-ageing foundation prevents damage and dehydration, whilst visibly smoothing out lines for younger looking skin. Sun protection, anti-ageing and visibly smoother skin all in one? We’ll take it! However, remember to always choose skin products suited to your specific beauty needs. Click here to create your own online My Beauty Matches profile, and have all the appropriate products picked out for you!

Eyes enter image description here

The natural look is all about subtlety and we love the sultry, delicate smokey eyes Anne works so well. Bold eyeliners can often produce a dramatic effect which stands out, so try using soft kohl liners which give a smoother, more blendable finish. We recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow pencil £19, an easy to use pencil that’s perfect for creating a smokey effect. Alternatively if you’re looking for something with a little more range, this eyeshadow by Rimmel in Foggy Grey provides 4 different tones. The multi-reflective pigments produce a great colour and have a creamy finish, perfect for blending and creating a sexy, sultry look.

Lips enter image description here

Anne is famous for her soft, plump, nude lips and we think that this Pale Nude Lip Paint by Barry M £5.99 is the perfect product to complete your natural look. Packed with moisture, this beautifully smooth formula will help your lips stay plump and maintain a natural, healthy appearance all day long.

I don’t know about you ladies but looking over these photos has made me want to strip off my blusher and give the natural look a go. With so many amazing natural beauty products to choose from, you can absolutely find the right shades, styles and textures to accentuate your natural beauty.

At My Beauty Matches we want to wish Anne Hathaway a very happy birthday, and thank her for proving how gorgeous the natural look can be!