The Beauty Items Your Suitcase Needs

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Jetting off on an exotic holiday? Don’t burden yourself by traveling with a bulky makeup bag. Though forgoing certain products can induce levels of anxiety, My Beauty Matches has put together the ultimate travel edition beauty bag, so you can keep your face amazing and your suitcase light.

Face wash

To maintain your skin whilst away, make sure you pack the daily face wash that is suitable for your skin. Do not overlook the importance of washing your face, as it can prevent excess oil production and dutifully removes makeup, as well as dead skin cells, from the surface of your skin.

body care

Our next beauty essential is a face moisturiser; whether you opt for a dual face and body moisturiser or choose to take two separate products, keeping your skin hydrated is crucial. Traveling can cause your skin to severely dehydrate, therefore it is important to carry a good moisturiser in order to avoid your skin from cracking, flaking or aging. Most moisturisers come in travel sizes, so minimal luggage space is no excuse!


During your holiday, your hair will require preventative care from sun rays. To maintain its health and avoid extensive damage that may lead to hair loss, make sure you pack your regular hair care products. Your hair serum, and travel sized shampoo and conditioner bottles are the most important products you need for a few days away.


Ready to pack your makeup for traveling? If you are going away for a couple of days, you definitely won't be needing every shade of lipstick and every eyeshadow compact you own.

We recommend you bring:

Foundation or a BB cream (all in one primer, SPF and coverage) Mascara Eyeliner Blusher Two shades of lipstick/lipgloss

And there you have it! A handful of beauty products that will get you through your time abroad. If you are unsure of whether the products that you are packing are best for your climate and age, then take the My Beauty Matches quiz to find out what you should be packing for your ultimate holiday.