Discover Why Jennifer Lopez Looks Younger Than You

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Jennifer Lopez has gone all Benjamin Button on us. Sometimes I simply stare at my computer screen for minutes in awe of her radiant complexion and hourglass figure. I yearn for tips to achieve glowing skin and the option to have Tracey Anderson as my pal. What is she doing? How can I become her? Recently Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 46th birthday wearing a daring sheer black dress; her famous curves naturally taking centre stage. I wonder if she ate any birthday cake? Read what the superstar does to maintain her killer curves, celebrity makeup tips, and the best beauty tips for glowing skin here.


Jennifer Lopez followed a 22-day vegan challenge created by Beyoncé’s trainer Marco Borges to get rid of the stubborn weight after giving birth. Jennifer now has a high protein diet and makes sure she drinks 2 litres of water a day; the last thing you would be seeing is her sipping a martini. The singer says her best tip for healthy skin is oatmeal as part of her diet plan for better skin and begins her day with an 80 calories protein shake by Body Lab. The 22-day vegan challenge is designed to restructure ones relationship with food, fight fatigue, and weight-loss will follow. Hollywood stars such as Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, and Brad Pitt, have all gone vegan too.


So how can we achieve that hourglass frame? Realistically we can’t commit to 6 hours of dance rehearsals daily like Lopez, but we can kick-start our day with a jog. The star likes to schedule in a daily run and still manages to look glamorous doing so. In 2008 she signed up to a sprint triathlon to help drop her baby weight. She now does a mix of running, boxing, biking, and resistance training. She has also worked with celebrity personal trainer Tracey Anderson. The Tracy Anderson Method is strength training and a cardiovascular workout programme that targets different muscle groups each week. Along with having fixed goals and the excessive lunges and squats, Jennifer Lopez is a firm believer in keeping her body guessing to torch a ton of calories.

Skin Care

Top celebrity dermatologists will say their best beauty tips for the face involve skin is sunscreen, they recommend you wear an SPF 30 every day. Celebrity makeup tip: Jennifer Lopez achieves her signature radiant glow by staying out of the sun and using bronzers/self-tanner instead. It may be important to go to the extent of wearing sunscreen inside as UVA rays can be reflected off windows and shiny surfaces. Retinoids are a vitamin-A derivative, which play a vital role in cellular turnover. Retinoids will enhance collagen production and skin elasticity to reveal a younger looking complexion. Jennifer is big on facials and peels to help remove blemishes and uneven skin tone by removing the top layers of skin. In particular she is a fan of non-surgical CACI facial treatments, which use stimulating micro currents. The treatment improves the skins ability to neutralise bacteria helping to protect the skin from daily damage. Results are visible after the first treatment, though treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. Now Magazine has alleged Jennifer Lopez to be a fan of Placenta Facials, which use the high protein and iron content from the fluid due to their anti-ageing properties.

Celebrity makeup tip: One of Jennifer's signature looks is a bronze eye. Yves Saint Laurent Summer Look Les Saharienne £42.50, has deep brown hues.

So which of these tips for healthy skin and a Jennifer Lopez body will you follow? Perhaps a Placenta Facial? For the best beauty tips for face click here here.