If Disney Princesses Carried Handbags...

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disney princesses

If Disney Princesses were real - commuting, working, and relaxing the way we do, what would they carry with them? What essentials would they need to help them on their way to infamy? Here are the beauty products we imagine they would carry, along with a few everyday trinkets. Take a look to see if you share any favourites with these inspiring women.

What's in Ariel's bag


For Ariel, John Frieda’s Radiant Colour Magnifying Conditioner is definitely part of her world! With locks and locks of vibrant red hair, this beauty go-to attracts light from the water’s surface and amplifies rich red tones. As salty seawater sucks nutrients from her decadent strands, the conditioner preserves softness and boosts shine, making sure a “dinglehopper” (or fork as we like to call it) can comb through it easily. If you aren’t blessed with Ariel’s vibrant red colour, John Frieda’s collection includes the same products for blondes and brunettes. Right before exploring new shipwrecks, or missing important debuts, a touch-up using DuWop’s Sea Shell Compact Cheek Dual leaves her skin highlighted and sun kissed. Don’t be a guppy, try it for yourself!

What's in Mulan's bag


Because of months spent working out and battling Huns, Mulan’s in need of a do-it-all scrub and easy-peasy makeup routine, which is why Activbod’s Pick Me Up Scrub is perfect! Made with pre and post-workout skin in mind, this exfoliator washes away dirt and sweat and clears pores. When it comes to everyday touch ups, Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder is a dream! It contains natural minerals that work to control shine, so Mulan can stay oil-free during long travels in the country.

What's in Snow White's bag

Snow White

Make Up For Ever’s White Definition Powder Foundation neutralises any yellow or pink in the skin to achieve pure clarity, which is why its perfect for Snow White’s porcelain complexion! With 5 different shades to choose from, it adapts to all skin tones. And who can forget Snow’s signature blood red lips? Her secret? Tom Ford’s deep, dark, matte lipstick in “Cherry Lush” works wonders whether you’re baking pies at home, or horseback riding with your Prince.

What's in Tiana's bag


Tiana is always on the go, especially with her own restaurant to manage! She needs beauty products that will do their job and last all day. She keeps her hair tame and curly with Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter, which leaves her coils and twists frizz-free and moisturised. For her always berry-pink lips, Tiana swears by MAC’s best selling “Diva”, which can also be blended out and used on cheeks. It’s satiny finish is perfect for kissing frogs and Prince’s alike!

What's in Jasmine's bag


In such a hot climate, it’s a necessity to wear crop tops and billowy trousers, which means Jasmine’s skin is always on show. She keeps it gleaming and bronzed with St. Tropez Skin Illuminator in Gold. Olive skin types will worship this product as it illuminates the skin and looks great on a carpet ride on a moonlit night. And who can keep their eyes off of Jasmine’s perfectly applied cat-eye? Benefit’s lash-hugging, They’re Real Push Up gel liner is a breeze to apply and doesn’t smudge or dry out. Lastly, Boscia’s Clear Complexion Blotting Linen Sheets keep skin clear and are a lifesaver in humid weather to keep makeup from running.