Does HAIR Contouring Really Work?

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You've heard of face strobing and even baking, but contouring your hair? Yes, it's a thing now. This top haircare trend can magically sculpt your face thanks to fancy optical illusions. Using light and dark hair dye tones in specific areas can completely transform your look and your entire face shape. It's similar to face contouring on that front, but with hair, it's completely bespoke to each individual. To put it to the test, we visited the Charles Worthington Flagship Salon in Fitzrovia and chatted to their lovely stylist, Ari, to find out if hair contouring really does work!

The Charles Worthington Salons have an unrivalled reputation in British hairdressing. Downstairs at Percy Street, you will find a custom-designed Colour Zone where you can experience the full spectrum of colour expertise offered by a team of experts. After a little tour and noshing on complimentary cake and tea (yum!), Ari brought over the colour fan. This handy chart shows you whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, and reveals which spectrum of shades suit you. After discussing the rules for different face shapes, Ari chose to create lighter fragments at the base line of the hair to thin out an oval face. He then chose a colour 3 shades lighter than the natural deep brown to be added around the jaw line. To accentuate the top haircare trend even more, Ari shared a few tips on what to use to add thickness, texture and shine.

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  1. Booking a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks helps hair grow healthy and thick.

  2. NEVER use henna as a hair dye – it penetrates and seals the hair shaft so makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to colour over in a uniform fashion with conventional hair dye. The process will most likely damage your hair badly, eeps!

  3. A powerful online beauty buy like Charles Worthington's Thicker And Fuller Scalp Tonic from £7.99 makes fine hair feel thicker in just one week, and helps improve the hair's strength at the root over time.

  4. A mask like the L'Oréal Hair Expertise Everriche Mask from £4.66 locks in colour for longer, while the Kérastase Chronologiste Essential Revitalising Balm from £32.00 leaves your hair feeling softer and adds mega shine!

Thanks Ari!

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