Easy Hair Removal for Scaredy Cats

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It’s that time of year, when pegs are on display and bikinis are back in full force! You may be recalling memories of razor burn, painful at-home waxing, and ingrown hairs. If that’s correct, rest easy knowing that DIY hair removal has come a long way, and won’t leave your wallet tarred and feathered. We’ve compiled a list of products to make your pre-sun routine as easy and pain-free as possible! Take a look!

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NAIR Face Brush On Hair Removal

This facial hair removal cream with moisturising Argan Oil comes with a specially designed brush to apply the product evenly. Because it’s enriched with Camellia Oil and Ylang Ylang, it’s perfect for sensitive areas, and can even be used on the bikini line and quick touch-ups elsewhere. A 7-day smooth guarantee means you won’t have to think about reapplying for an entire week!

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Superdrug Bikini Hair Removal Cream 20ml + Balm 20ml

This might be one of the best, and easiest, inventions in hair removal. This simple two-step system includes a removal cream and a soothing balm. Apply the soothing lavender enriched removal cream first to the bikini area, and in just 5 minutes you can wipe away unwanted hair without any wax! To help restore skin’s natural pH balance, apply the balm straight after. It has sweet almond oil which moisturises skin and leaves it soft and smooth. Easy!

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VEET Wax Jar Oriental Wax

For those who prefer to remove hair from the root, there’s nothing like a good wax to get the job done! This one contains essential oils and leaves skin with a beautiful vanilla fragrance. It includes 12 strips as well as a spatula, and promises hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks. Use a day before bikini donning, and be sure to moisturise afterwards!

One-Hit Wonders

Sugar Strip Ease Soothing Mist

Have you taken to holding icecubes on your skin after a painful hair removal session? This wonder spray does irritated skin a favour! Carefully created for use after waxing, it soothes, calms, and moisturises the affected area, meaning you can get on with your day without wincing!

TWEEZERMAN Fresh N Fruity Mini Slant Tweezer

For all those stray hairs that got away, you can’t go wrong by removing them individually with these summer themed mini tweezers, perfect for chucking in your purse. Their slanted to make it easier to grab tricky hairs, and the adorable design means it will fit right in with your fruity smoothy.

THALGO Biodépyl Targets Ingrown Hairs

This intensive cream fights ingrown hairs before they appear. The product encourages hair to break the surface of the skin, so painful bumps are a thing of the past. It prevents new ingrown hairs from forming, and corrects hairs that have already occurred. 9 in 10 women saw a significant reduction in ingrown hairs. Talk about making life easier!