Festive In 5: Super Speedy Nail Ideas For Christmas

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Christmas is a time that sparks creativity across all walks of life, many people make Christmas cards or decorate trees. One Christmas craft beauty trend we’re totally on board with is festive nail art, but with so many complicated styles we wanted to discover the greatest quick and simple Christmas nail designs for time-poor women. We've scoured the internet for our top 5 Christmas nail ideas and our favourite online beauty products with which to recreate them. Forget those dodgy snowmen and glued-on holly berries, we’re talking sophisticated styles that will leave people talking.

Before applying any colour we strongly recommend starting with a protective base coat. It will nourish the nails making them healthier, stronger and will prevent any embarrassing colour staining (I learnt this lesson the hard way with a particularly vibrant shade of orange in the summer of ‘04…) A great product is this NailKale Superfood by Nails inc. £15, which uses natural ingredients to transform your nails. Containing pomegranate, lemon and ginseng to brighten and refresh and keratin activation to stimulate nail growth, this superfood will give you stronger, happier nails. So now that your nails are fresh and ready, you're ready to try these Christmas nail designs. Let the fun begin.

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If you have children, or a heartbeat, you’ve probably heard of the Disney sensation Frozen which came out in cinemas in the winter of 2014. We loved the movie and we’re in love with this Elsa inspired look using pastel, turquoise shades with a glitter topcoat that packs a punch. To recreate this Christmas nail design apply two base coats of this Essie nail polish in turquoise £8.99 and paint over with this Aquarium glitter overcoat by Barry M £3.99. Looking for a little less turquoise? This Diamond Shatter overcoat by Avon £6 also looks absolutely stunning over a range of base coat colours!

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We all love gifts, and your nails will too with this subtle Christmas nail design that brings a classy touch to Christmas. For the base coat apply this LA Colors Craze nail polish in Atomic £1, then using a fine touch first paint on a criss-cross with this Avon Magic Effects Mineral Nailwear £6. Made a mistake? We all do! Just use the tip of cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover to lightly remove any excess, but don’t press too hard or else you’ll remove the base coat. Finally, create a gold criss-cross slightly offset from the red to give a shadow effect, we love this Glametal nail polish by Ciate £9.53.

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We love Christmas nail designs that don't take all day, so naturally we love this classic look that would suit any nail shape and only takes seconds to do. Pick a base colour that takes your fancy, I’m always a fan of timeless reds such as this Enchanted Garnet nail lacquer by Estee Lauder £20.65, and apply two coats. Once it’s dried lightly brush over with a complimentary glitter topcoat, I personally think gold and red were made for each other so this Snow Globe top coat by Nails Inc £15 is a perfect match. If you prefer base coats with blue undertones, silver glitter topcoats can look awesome, but you can always experiment with different combinations.

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I think matte nail polishes always look amazing and whilst having a subtle finish they still have a great way of standing out. So what better way to add a festive vibe than with this alternating green and red Christmas nail design. This Veruschka matte nail polish by Zoya £9.90 gives an amazing metallic finish to the green, whilst this Matte Copacabana Red polish from Barry M £3.99 is the perfect accompaniment.

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This stunning bold, matte black Christmas nail idea proves that the festive season isn’t just about jolly snowmen and Christmas puddings. A great look for Christmas parties, I think this style would compliment any outfit. To get the clean definition between the silver and the black try using these Nailene Perfect French Tip Guides £3.05 and apply this Nars Amarapura Silver nail polish £16.68. Once this stunning silver has dried, cover with a guide sticker and paint on the black, such as this Barry M Matte Nail Polish in Espresso £3.99, to get a clean, fabulous finish.

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to give your talons the festive feels. With so many creative ideas out there and endless colours and finishes to choose from, you can express yourself with some creative Christmas craft.

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