How to Get Glowing for Summer

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Whilst winter is known to dehydrate skin, the use of air conditioning in the summer can also be damaging to your skin. If hot tube journeys are part of your daily routine, it is easy to achieve a glow (all be it a sweaty one), but creating a lit-from-within glow takes a little bit more work.

Drinking Water Hydration plays a key part in your skin's appearance and if you are dehydrated, the first place it will show is your skin. To avoid unwanted dry and dehydrated patches, ensure that you are drinking sufficient water throughout the day.

Three step skincare It’s important to make the most of your skin care stash. Only applying a moisturiser is all well and good, but applying a toner as well as a serum will allow your moisturiser to sink in a layer deeper, providing you with more moisture.

Out with the old, in with the new Get rid of any old, dirty skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion by using a gentle facial exfoliator or a cleansing brush. Use these in circular motions starting from the centre of the face and working outwards.

Fake it until you make it While you’re working your way to the new hydrated you, using highlighting and dewy-finish products will give the appearance of fresh, glowing skin. Opt for serum based foundations or tinted moisturisers for your base and use cream products on the cheeks to avoid makeup clinging to any dry patches.