Frightening in 5: Super Speedy Nail Ideas for Halloween

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Spooky just got sophisticated – we’ve got some super stylish Halloween nail art ideas to get you in the mood for the creepiest night of the year. The best bit? You’ll have a full macabre mani in under 5 minutes. Check out our top 5 best beauty tips for great Halloween nails, 2015 style. Give a little nod to Halloween this year without spending hours poring over complicated nail designs. We’ve put together our best beauty tips to help you get creative with your nails and rock some creepy claws. Forget all you know about All Hallow’s Eve. Leave the pumpkins, witches and skeletons in other womens’ closets and try out our modern twist on Halloween with these seriously spellbinding designs.

Modern Morticia A classic matriarch from our favourite childhood cartoon, ‘The Addams Family’, and a favourite go-to Halloween costume. Got it yet? We couldn’t leave out Morticia Addams as a muse for some sophisticated, yet spooky nails. Here’s our first nail beauty tip:

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Achieve the look with a timeless yet vibrant red such as this perfectly toned OPI ‘Red’ with its glossy cream finish. Apply the red as a base, and with a steady hand finish off the design by using a simple back polish on top. Cover half the nail in black, rounding off the black (where the black and red meet) to resemble the arches of a heart shape.

Crimi – nails Our third beauty tip for scary nails is an ode to CSI, Dexter, Criminal Minds and all things murder mystery. A most unique idea (nobody else has your finger prints!) yet super speedy, for your inner love of Slasher-flicks. Follow the guide to our second best beauty tip for nails in Halloween theme.

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Apply a white base, for the most dramatic effect. We suggest then going for the deepest red you can find – something like ORLY’s Moonlit Madness, a beautiful polish perfect for after dark. Take this dazzling burgundy colour and dilute a couple of drops of it in some water, dipping a finger and transferring it onto every white nail each time. Be effortlessly negligent with your ‘stamping’ as though your incriminating prints have been rushed in the heat of the crime.

Vamp It Up Go bat mad and sink your fangs into a design which epitomises Halloween – the great vampire bat. Our next top beauty tip for fancy Halloween nails is seriously simple, but will leave others bewitched.

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To achieve the design apply a base colour of your choice. We recommend this gorgeous Good to Grape from Sally Hansen – Complete Salon Manicure Nail Mudslide. It’s a noticeably smooth and brilliantly shiny purple for that extra bit of magic. To complete the look, get your hands on these Bat Nail Decal Nailthins stickers. Durable and flexible, they secure on effortlessly. Make sure you apply a clear top coat to protect your new wicked manicure.

Savage Sewing Inspired by the botched sew-up job on Dr Frankenstein’s monster, our spooky stitching is perfect for lovers of colour on Halloween. Follow top beauty nail tip number four, and try your hand at this eerie embroidery.

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To achieve the look simply pick two to three nail colours which contrast well. Our top picks for this look come from the LA Color Craze Collection, with their playful, dazzling shades which come with very affordable price tags. Try the warm orange Shock and the vivid green number Flicker and pair them off with the flirty lilac Illusion. Start off filling in the base of your nail with green, so that one third of your nail is covered. Then use the lilac to fill in the middle part of your nail with another horizontal stripe across. Don’t worry if your ‘joining’ of colours isn’t very neat as this will be covered up by the ‘stitching’. Take the orange and fill in the final third of your nail. Try and make the stripes diagonal and uneven for a rough, patchy look. Repeat this on all nails, variating the order of the colours. When dry, take a black Sharpie pen and draw two horizontal lines along each nail where the colours join. Add five to six smaller, perpendicular lines to mimic the scary sewing.

Cross Eyed Put the spook back into your October 31st with our googly ghost eyes starting right back up at you every time you look down. Our final top nail beauty tip is all about putting the fun back into frightening!

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To achieve this super simple look, go for a base colour as dark as you like. Our top beauty pick for this look is this Salon Pro Kate Punk Rock 711 from Rimmel which will help you attain a sleek gel shine finish, with a chip-resistant high-contrast effect. For the fun part, grab some white nail varnish and paint two white round ‘blobs’ on each nail. For a more toned-down look opt to do this on one statement nail instead. When this is all dry, dig out a Sharpie pen and draw on pupils for your ghouly eyes, making them as cross-eyed as you dare.