Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

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Ever been frustrated about your eyebrows? You are not alone, most women are unaware of the brows that suit their face shape. Look no further as My Beauty Matches are here to tell you what eyebrow style you need.

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Before you jump in there tweezing your eyebrows, first start by determining the shape of your face. Look at a mirror or ask a friend which of the face shapes below best describe you.

Oval shape - If your forehead is wider than your chin with prominent cheekbones then you probably have an oval shaped face like Jennifer Aniston. Your eyebrows should have a soft angle that goes slightly up and curves near the corner of your eyes. This is a shape that most women opt for regardless of their face however, do not make that mistake as this shape may not be best fit for you.

Round Face - This is the most dreaded shape by women. This may be because that a round face does not have structure and definition. However, with the right eyebrow shape and some makeup you can create a structure. Women with round faces often have bigger cheeks and their face is equal in length and width. Although, it is often advised that you keep away from high angled eyebrows, in the case of a round face, high eyebrows provides some definition. Celebrities like Mila Kunis enable face structure by having high arched eyebrows as it allows the face to appear longer and less round. Do not opt for round eyebrows as they add nothing to your face. If you do not have arched eyebrows, you can create an arch with Becca Brow Powder to get the perfect shape.

Heart face shape - The name says it all with this shape, it is similar to an oval shape but the chin is much pointier, just like a heart. Celebrities known to have this face shape are the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Cheryl Cole. Women with this shape are lucky in the sense they are able to experiment more with their eyebrows and still get away with it. Low round eyebrows as well as high arched eyebrows both suit a heart shaped face, it is just the case of which shape the individual is more comfortable with.

Square Face shape - With this shape, all angles of the face are in proportion. Forehead and jawline are both the same width. To soften the angles of this type of face, long and bold eyebrow shapes work well. Right angled eyebrows with a soft curve is the most suitable as seen on Angelina Jolie. To achieve bold eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil in the shade that is closest to your hair colour. Maxfactor Eyebrow Pencil is very good to experiment and create defined eyebrows.

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Long Face shape - There is not much we can say to describe this face in detail apart from the fact that the face appears to be longer. There are benefits of having a long face when it comes to experimenting with makeup but for eyebrows, the flat brow style or straight eyebrows is best fit as it enables the face to appear shorter.

Diamond Face - Cameron Diaz is known for this type of face, with a diamond shape, the temples are the widest part of the face, forehead is short and the chin is pointy. Curved, dark eyebrows work well with a diamond face as it softens the angles and makes the face look less wide.