Go Mod With 4 Super-Simple Beauty Hacks

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Ever since Mia Farrow graced our screens in Rosemary’s Baby, I wondered if a pixie haircut would suit me… but with my ears, who am I kidding. I would end up looking like a hobbit rather than an ethereal elf princess.

To get the gamine look, one thing I can copy (sans chopping my hair) is Mod style – and let me tell you, it’s popping up EVERYWHERE. Fashionistas who treated Broadway and 5th like their personal catwalk this week were nailing this latest beauty trend. It’s no surprise, iconic top makeup looks were born amongst the era’s freedom rallies and booming music scene, and live on in 2015. One legend certainly portraits 60’s flair and stands out from the likes of The Beatles and Scooby Doo – the only one to emulate… Twiggy.

Her gigantic, spiderish painted eyes and simple Mod style defined a decade. To nail this top makeup look, all you need are four super-simple beauty hacks – big lashes, dark eye creases, powdery cheeks and pale lips (grey lips to be exact!). To celebrate a fashion and beauty hero on her 65th birthday, here’s what you need to go Mod today:

Without looking sallow, Twiggy had the perfect paleness to carry minimal makeup, but finding the right shade of greige lipstick that doesn’t wash out your skin tone is hard to find! Beauty scientists at Guerlain however have developed this amazing online beauty buy that gives the most perfect pale tint – Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Lift Smoothing Lipstick Primer from £24.60. Note: Not a lipstick!

Lightly brush on an online beauty buy like the Sisley Transparent Loose Face Powder from £51.00 all over your face to keep things light but matte. Note: No blush needed!

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Drawing an opaque black line on your crease seems very unnatural in 2015, but it’s SO FUN! Twiggy’s signature top makeup look wasn’t complete without the first step to creating her famous spider eyes. Use an easy-grip roll-on eyeliner like the Burberry Beauty Effortless Eyeliner from £18.50 to keep eye makeup from smudging. Then, use an angled brush to carefully apply an online beauty buy like the RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner from £23.00 just above your lash line. Top makeup tip: Skip the lower lash line – going Mod is about funky simplicity.

Lastly, lashes need MAXIMUM impact! Grab an online beauty buy like the Blink Brow Bar Eyelash Curler from £18.00 and plump those babies up! Finish off this latest beauty trend with a volumising mascara like Maybelline’s Big Eyes from £8.99, and you’re good to go… Mod that is.

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