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Jo Hansford. Expert in hair colour, entrepreneur and all round miracle worker. After suffering a recent hair contouring faux pas, I was in need of some hair S.O.S and I knew I needed a professional. After some research it quickly became apparent that there was a Mayfair based salon that held all the answers to fixing my precious locks. I sighed a sigh of relief, picked up the phone and was on my way to the Jo Hansford salon for my hair transformation and to pick up some top tips for healthy, gorgeous hair.

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So first of all you may be wondering, what is hair contouring? Hair contouring is a colouring technique which combines highlighting and free hand application. By using carefully selected tones and thoughtful positioning, this techniques is able to style your hair in a way which compliments your features. This mixed technique of highlighting and shading works to accentuate your best features and being all about bespoke beauty, naturally I loved the idea of this trend and couldn’t wait to try it out.

By catering each style to work with specific face shapes, hair contouring changes your appearance through using lighter tones which can broaden and lengthen the appearance of the face, while darker tones are able to shorten and narrow the face. It’s a clever optical illusion which can exaggerate your best features through careful placement and selection of complimentary tones. If you’d like to find out more you can read our article on hair contouring here. When done properly this delicate art can perform wonders, but when done badly, well, you need Jo Hansford.

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Sadly my exploration into hair contouring went a bit wrong and I was left in urgent need of an expert which lead me to Jo Hansford. Renowned for their colour correction work, the premium Jo Hansford salon resides in Mayfair and provides a hair transformation service that is well worth the price tag. Jo Hansford, founder of the company, is the leading authority in hair colour and having personally trained over 100 colourists, you can trust your hair is in good hands with any one of their stylists. Known in the industry as “The First Lady Of Colour”, Jo Hansford has combined her passion for quality hair care and business acumen to create one of the most highly acclaimed colouring hair salons in London. With a clientele list including HRH Duchess of Cornwall, Elizabeth Hurley, Natalie Imbruglia and now little old me, this salon needs no help in boosting its fantastic reputation. Having read countless testimonials praising the salon on its ability to correct colour without the use of harmful bleach baths and hair strippers, I was confident that my dodgily contoured hair would receive the best treatment at Jo Hansford.

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As I arrived at the salon the building immediately jumped out at me, situated in such a beautiful London location, everything about the salon exudes class and the interior was no exception. The staff were all fantastically efficient and friendly and never made me feel embarrassed about my contouring faux pas. After an in depth but enlightening conversation about my expectations and what would work for my hair, the professional and luxurious treatment began. As an added bonus I was treated to a light meal from the in salon menu which had a truly delicious array of choices, I felt so spoilt! A salon which combines my love of good food with my passion for high end beauty? I was in heaven.

enter image description here By adding subtle tones around my face and naturalising the colour, the miracle workers at Jo Hansford transformed my hair leaving it looking beautiful, nourished and healthy. My experience at the salon was very positive with quick, friendly and professional care, great food and although I left with wetter shoulders than intended, having been rescued from my contouring disaster I couldn’t care. Just to top it all off, with Jo Hansford's Expert Colour Care Collection available to purchase, Jo Hansford takes care of your hair both in the salon and at home so you can have perfect hair every day. You can shop the products which hold the secret to perfect hair everyday at the Salon or on the Jo Hansford website.

Before and after colour treatments it’s important to keep your hair healthy and there are many quality hair products which you can introduce to your daily routine to prevent damage, which you can shop here. If you’ve been trying a few different styles and it’s left your hair a little dry and limp, this Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Pais hair mask from Kérastase £26.55 is a great treatment for dry, damaged hair. Also using a light hair oil, such as this Elvive Extraordinary Oil from L’Oréal £9.99, is a quick and easy way to protect hair from drying and styling and it smells delicious too!

It’s great to experiment with your hair, but it doesn’t always go to plan so it’s always best to place your trust in the experts. If you’re in need of some professional colour correction, head down to Jo Hansford: they have the technology to rebuild your barnet.

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