Handbag Beauty Must-Haves For Perfecting Makeup On-The-Go

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When you’re low on time, you don’t always have the luxury of getting to pop home and sort out your makeup before heading on a night out. It can all get a bit stressful when you’re rushing from your office to the train wondering if it’s possible to retouch your makeup in the distorted window reflection, we definitely know the feeling. So to make life on the move a little easier, we’ve put together our 5 handbag essentials plus our top beauty and makeup tips for the ultimate mobile makeover when you’re stuck out and about. You can thank us later...

First thing in the morning your liquid eye liner is on point, clear defined lines with a gorgeous kitten flick. However, come 6pm it's a different story. A hard day’s work takes its toll on your eye makeup and after all the frowning, laughing and (sometimes) crying, it can get a little blurry to say the least. The easiest beauty and makeup tip for resolving the situation? Just completely remove it and reapply and we think these Take It Away Long-wear Makeup Remover Wipes from Estee Lauder £20 are the perfect portable solution.These pre-moistened towelettes hydrate and refresh skin whilst removing makeup, so if you don’t wind up making it home at the end of the night you’re covered for that too...

As makeup wears off throughout the day, the blemishes and imperfections that were so well disguised this morning can rear their ugly heads later in the day. For the perfect last minute fix we love The Retoucher Concealer from Charlotte Tilbury £25. Inspired by the “magic” corrector pen used by professional photographers, this stick was designed to vanish blemishes at the click of a button. With a formula created to conceal AND treat (very cleverly termed the CT formula) this product won’t only conceal your blemishes, it will erase them too! What could be more perfect? For advice on how to use the concealer, check out this video from Charlotte Tilbury. Not sure which makeup products are right for your skin? Why not try taking our quick and free online questionnaire to discover your beauty matches and all the top beauty and makeup tips.

We love our handbags, big, small, loud, subtle. We love them all. But whatever size they are, you don’t want them majorly crammed with belongings. With that in mind, on space-saving beauty must have we can be without is this two-in-one Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint from Benefit £24.50. This space saving wonder product will enable you to add a splash of colour to your lips and cheeks whether you’re bustling through the tube or squeezed in between strangers at the back of the bus.

The stress of rushing about both at work and on public transport can cause even the coolest of heads to perspire a little, which can leave our faces with an unwanted shine. Blotting papers and powders are both great on-the-go solutions and we love this Kick Ass Instant Retouch Powder from Soap & Glory £12. With “super-blur” technology this powder will extinguish unwanted shine and even tone to leave you with perfect looking skin in seconds.

The final check before you know you’re party ready? The perfect pout. Talking, drinking coffee, chewing, distractedly picking at your lips (we’ve all done it) - it’s a recipe for chapped lips. To prevent your lips from drying out, keep a moisturising lip balm with you at all times, for applying during the day as well as just before you head out. For another 2-in-1 beauty hero we think this Refresh Me Minty Wonder Balm from Beauty Kitchen £2.99 is a last minute makeover miracle product. With a blend of mint and cocoa butter, this balm will soothe dry skin whilst also leaving you with a minty fresh smell.

You’re smelling good, you’re looking good, you’re ready to go. Just 5 handbag-sized essentials and you’re all sorted, who needs Mary Poppins’ bag? So stock your handbag with these last minute makeover miracles and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

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