Have You Been Shaving Your Legs Wrong All Along?

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The majority of us do not have hotdogs for legs, or legs that run the length of the Nile, or a thigh gap. Don't get me wrong, I do my squats and weighted lunges, but I am no Brook Shields. Sigh. Our pins have been neglected during the winter months, and as the sweltering heat emerges hemlines get shorter. Summer is the worst season for a cellulite sufferer seeking the perfect smooth legs, but the best season for a roof-top-poolside-mojito-drinking-serial-dater (that's another story). Fashion, like the weather, can be the least accommodating, with its tendency towards fewer clothing and short shorts. Every year as the young congregate my eyes witness two crescents of flesh, like wedges of Port Salut cowering in the sun, squeezed beneath a denim hem. Butt cleavage is never appealing. We can only advise you on how to get the perfect bare legs but only you can remember to keep it classy.

Denim shorts makes the majority of us dwell, but summer is too short to be worrying about de-fuzzing, so familiarise yourself with these top hair removal tips. Fear not, read the guide below on the latest skin care tips and tricks. This will give you a head start on achieving the perfect hair-free legs this summer and every other season. Time to get everyone starring for the right reasons.

1. Exfoliate

I recommend dry body brushing in the morning before you shower. Dry Body brushing will help to banish toxins, improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellulite, and of course to exfoliate the skin. Dry body brushing will also help to make your skin glow which is the first step to the perfect legs. A pre-shave scrub is an exfoliating alternative and will help to bring out the hair follicles trapped under dead skin cells so you will get a closer shave and a smoother result. Use products with fruit enzymes to brighten the skin for optimal results. Top online beauty buy: Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Scrub, £28.60, made for pre-shower using the circulating scrubs will lift away dead skin cells. Top online beauty buy: Korres Lemon & Basil Body Scrub, £12.00, contains Bamboo and Jojoba beads to revive tired limbs and soften skin. You can shop the latest body products here.

2. Hair Removal

It's important to shave against hair growth every time and find the right razor for you for a bump-free smooth finish. If you have dry or sensitive skin look for moisture strips and multiple blades, which will give you a closer shave. One of the best hair removal tips is timing, don't shave your legs as soon as you enter the shower wait enough time for the heat to open up the hair follicles (about 5 minutes). Look at your razor… if it's dull, replace it. You should treat your legs like your face, would you dare put that thing near your face?

3. After Treatment Oil

Rose oil or virgin coconut oil are two of the best skin care tips and tricks, it will help if you experience irritation or redness. I like coconut oil post-shave to achieve the softest, most hydrated hair-free legs. Coconut oil has a natural SPF factor and will make your skin glow because of its natural antioxidant properties. Splurge: Ren Moroccan Rose Oil, £34, will boost your skins natural radiance and fight against premature ageing. Top online beauty buy: Beauty Balm Indulgent Body Oil, £12.99, is made from a combination of yang yang, rosehip, and sage oils. Just the good stuff!

If you seek a faux-glow now that you are hair-free, exfoliated, and hydrated, try Sienna Tan Instant Bronzing Gel, £12.95 for an instant quick-fix glow. Make sure you continue to gently exfoliate between shaving to slow down hair-growth. For in-grown hairs Skin Doctors, Ingrown Go, £12.20, will erase any nasty bumps and prevent new in-grown hairs from forming; this product is also safe to use on your bikini line.

Now you have read the top hair removal tips, shop the best brands here. Say hello to sexy, smooth, hair-free legs! To read more skin care tips and tricks click here.