High End Vs. High Street: The Lip Lacquer Edit

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ysl vernis a levres

There’s always huge competition between brands when new beauty trends emerge, which in autumn, is almost every other day. Competing to find the perfect formula, to get the prettiest packaging and most importantly, to find some distinction between high end and high street products.

The line between them has blurred significantly over the past few years as high street brands are improving in quality and starting to get ahead of the beauty trends rather than following them. YSL has always been at the forefront of any beauty trend, with its prestigious name, luxury packaging and all round reputation, their presence on runways and in glossy magazines keep them at the top. With high street products becoming ever more popular, there’s always a cheaper alternative available with similar textures, colours and results as the high end trendsetters.

We look at the best dupe on the market for YSL Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream in the first of our high end vs high street series.

ysl vernis a levres

Vernis A Levres (lip varnish in English) is said to stay put for 10 hours - YSL combines the benefits of a creamy, long-lasting stain high-shine gloss and intense lip colour in one perfectly packaged tube. 12 intense colour choices and thick, high impact gloss makes this one of the most coveted high end lip gloss lip sticks on the market at the moment.

ysl vernis a levres swatches

Comparing this with its high street dupe, Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque Liquid Lipstick is every bit as glossy and long lasting as its pricier YSL equivalent. Containing Nymphaea extract to smooth and nourish the lips, the lightweight lipstick lip gloss glides on to give a non-sticky glossy lip. Although the formula is different, and the packaging not as luxe, they certainly are a good alternative to get the look for less. Bourjois have 8 different shades, from soft nudes to brilliant brights, you can choose one for every makeup look.

We can’t wait to get our hands on all of them - both Bourjois and YSL! What lipsticks are you coveting at the moment? Tweet us your favourites @mybeautymatches