Tackle Stubborn Cellulite With These Top Slimming Tips

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Cellulite, orange peel skin, the "cottage-cheese" effect, whatever unflattering name you use it's fairly universally agreed that cellulite is not liked. Whilst the puckering of skin which cellulite causes is a totally natural feature in a women's body, for some of us cellulite can be a source of poor body image which is why at My Beauty Matches we've decided to tackle cellulite head on. You might not be able to ever get rid of cellulite completely, but there are a number of online beauty products and skin care routine tips you can use to reduce the appearance of this annoying feature of our skin.


Cellulite is the physical appearance of fat which is stored in a specific way in women, particularly around the thighs and buttocks. Whilst cellulite appears on even slender women, if you're carrying extra fat then the appearance is only going to worsen. Diet is one of the key factors which dictates how much fat you have, so if you're looking to get a svelter, smoother figure the kitchen can be a great place to start. Avoid buying pre-prepared food like sandwiches, ready meals and even salads because the reality is you don't know what's gone in to making that product so delicious. A popular supermarket chain once became infamous for selling a pasta salad which contained 150% of the recommended amount of saturated fats for an entire day, so don't be fooled by words like "diet" and "salad" because they can be used to cover up all manner of nutritional sins.

Eating a good diet doesn't have to be complicated, think high in protein (meat, fish, grains), low in carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cakes) and low in sugar. The recommended daily amount of sugar for an adult is now 7 teaspoons, whereas most adults in the UK consumer on average 40 teaspoons a day, so sugar is an important one to look out for. By eating a diet higher in protein and lower in addictive carbs and sugars, you'll feel fuller for longer with fewer sweet cravings so the longer you diet, the easier it gets and if there's one word cellulite hates it's "diet".

Body Brushing/Massaging

Body brushing is a great way of reducing cellulite as it promotes circulation in the skin, improving the drainage of the fat cells in your problem areas. You can read our full guide to brushing yourself beautiful here.

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Topical Treatments

Whilst there (sadly) is no magical cream that can dissolve away fat, there are many out there with active ingredients which work to reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation and reducing water retention. Whilst cellulite is caused by fat and not water, the appearance can become worse when the fat cells take on water so using products containing caffeine (known for it's diuretic properties) can go a long way towards improving the look of problem areas. One of my favourite cellulite-busting treatments is the Cellulite Fix from Nip + Fab £18.25 which contains an effective blend of caffeine and Indian Forskolin - a herbal remedy believed to reduce the appearance of orange peel skin.


Alongside a balanced diet, exercise is a fantastic way of trimming fat and improving body composition so that all those lumps and bumps will fade away. The problem area you wish to focus on will decided which weight training and core exercises you will benefit from, but regular cardiovascular exercise is also a great way to get trim in time for an event. If you can complete a heart-rate-rising activity for just 20 minutes of each day that can go a long way towards shedding excess fat, so you can have smooth, firm and bump free curves.

Cellulite is an unavoidable fact of life and a feature of every healthy woman's body, however whilst you can't make it disappear completely there are many steps you can take towards reducing the appearance of lumps and bumps. If you feel like you could do with an injection of confidence in time for beach season this year then by trying the above dietary tips and top online beauty products you can shrink the cellulite and feel your best this summer.

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