How To Eliminate Cellulite With This Amazing Trick

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Whilst the light of day is slowly making a come back, it feels as if the weather is still clinging on to winter. At a time when we aim to have as little of our skin on show as possible, it can be easy to forget to look after the biggest organ you own; that's right, your skin. Body brushing is one way you can treat your skin to a bit of pre-summer pampering, so here are the best body brushing tricks and beauty tips for glowing skin all over.

It’s a common misconception that cellulite is the result of overeating and something to be ashamed of, but cellulite is actually a completely natural feature in a woman’s skin and exists even on the slimmest of individuals. There may be some lucky women out there, likely with very good genes, sporting an orange-peel free figure, for most of us cellulite is a fact of life. Whilst there is no shame in possessing a few bumps, I think we can all agree that sometimes it would be nice if it wasn’t quite so visible. There are many lotion based products designed to reduce cellulite such as Lancome Slim Success Slimissime 360 £30.90, which smooths the texture of the skin giving firmer curves and a refined silhouette. However, body brushing is also a great method of smoothing the skin’s surface and reducing the visibility of cellulite.

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So how does it work? By dry brushing you soften the hard fat deposits within the skin, allowing them to become more evenly distributed and resulting in a smoother texture. Sounds pretty good right? First of all you’ve got to grab yourself a brush and no, the counterpart to your dustpan will not do. The perfect brush will have natural bristles and ideally have a long handle so that you’re able to brush all over. Alternatively you can always enlist the help of a generous friend. Begin brushing on dry skin before you’ve had a shower and start at the ankles using circular motions to move gradually up your body. Don’t get along with natural fibres? Try this Cellulite Body Massager by Champneys £8.99.

Avoid brushing inflamed, sore or broken skin and hop in the shower once you’re finished to remove all the dead skin cells. After showering, apply a moisturiser suited to your skin type to lock in moisture. A product I personally love is Nivea Soft £5.99, a nourishing moisturiser containing Jojoba oil and Vitamin E formulated to be absorbed quickly so it leaves skin smooth and never greasy. Not sure which moisturiser is right for your skin? Try taking our quick and free online beauty survey and we can recommend the perfect products suited to you.

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Another common misconception is that stretch marks only exist on women who have had children, well I don’t know about you but my hips certainly beg to differ. Stretch marks are another very common and natural feature for lots of women and there are plenty of products on the market to reduce their visibility. Palmer’s Tummy Butter £5.75 is one popular product available, with a highly concentrated formula containing cocoa butter, vitamin E, elastin, collagen and soothing lavender oil, it smoothes marks and tones skin. But there is another trick you can use to fade those tiger lines, you guessed it, body brushing! By increasing the circulation to the surface of the skin, more blood passes through areas affected by stretch marks. This increases the supply of oxygen to the affected area, improving the skin’s ability to heal and generate new cells. This applies to scars of any nature, but be sure the skin is fully healed as brushing broken or irritated skin will likely make the problem worse.

I already love body brushes and they’re not even done yet! Not only do they reduce the visibility of cellulite, stretch marks and scars, they can also reduce the possibility of breakouts. Acne doesn’t only occur on the face, spots can affect almost any part of your body and whilst it is not an uncommon problem, it certainly can make you feel self conscious. Dry skin brushing can reduce the chances of such breakouts by unclogging the pores in the skin which is a common cause of spots. By scrubbing off layers of dead skin and buffing out any irritating ingrown hairs, body brushing will leave your skin smooth, happy and healthy.

Now I’m not one for giving myself extra work to do in the morning, microwaving oats is usually about my limit, but with so many visible benefits body brushing is definitely going to feature in my morning routine.

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