How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

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I’m sure everyone remembers that scene from Friends where Monica’s hair literally turned into a bush after being exposed to the humidity. While that may have been a slight comical exaggeration, a high percentage of women battle with their frizzy hair on a daily basis. So why does hair go frizzy? And what can we do to stop it?


The drier your hair is the more likely you are to suffer with frizz. Adding moisture via shampoos and conditioners is the best place to start. Always look for products containing Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil as they’re all highly moisturising and will help to prevent your hair from drying out so quickly. My current favourite is Leonor Greyl’s Shampooing Creme De Bambou as it’s a conditioning shampoo that works to cleanse and replenish frizzy and dry hair. Packed full of bamboo and silk extracts and also Vitamin B, this shampoo will help to repair damaged hair fibres from the very first application.

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Leonor Greyl, Shampooing Creme De Bambou, £27.85


The same concept applies for conditioner. Use a conditioner like Organix’s Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner to help penetrate the hair shaft and restore its shine and strength. Another good tip is to leave your conditioner on for 10 minutes before washing it off. 10 minutes might seem like a long time, especially if you’re in a rush in the mornings, but do other things while you’re waiting for it to work its magic. Brushing your teeth, washing your body, shaving your legs, exfoliating your face… you get the point.

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Organix, Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner, £6.50


Go another step further and add a serum into your hair care routine. Shine Bright Taming Serum by Pureology is a great product as it’s designed specifically for frizzy hair and won’t weigh hair down as it’s an extremely lightweight formula. An added bonus is that it also protects against heat damage and the effects of pollution and UV rays. Win win in my eyes!

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Pureology, Shine Bright Taming Serum, £17.63

Lay Off The Heat

We all know that extreme heat from hair dryers and styling tools isn’t good for our hair, and yet we still keep using them (guilty as charged). The heat from styling tools literally drains the moisture from our hair, and as we’ve already learnt today, the drier your hair is the more likely it is to be frizzy. If you simply can’t live without your styling tools then try and cut down how often you use them and ALWAYS use some form of heat protection. I really like the L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Heat It Hot And Sleek Heat Protection Cream as it’s ideal for hair prone to frizz and flyaways.

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L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro Heat It Ht And Sleek Heat Protection Cream, £4.49

Over Washing Your Hair

A lot of hair experts advise washing your hair only once or twice a week if you suffer from frizz. Even if you’re using moisturising shampoos and treatments you’re still washing away your hairs natural oils and moisture in the process. This can be a daunting thought for some, especially those that do intense daily exercise or people that have naturally oilier hair, but after a couple of weeks adjustment period your hair will thank you for it, I promise! If you have greasy hair then I’d recommend the L’Oreal Elvive Clay Oily Roots Shampoo. It’s great at balancing and clarifying oily roots without drying out the ends so you can get away without washing your hair for longer.

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L'Oreal, Elvive Clay Oily Roots Shampoo, £2.49

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