How To Grow Your Hair For Summer

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The key to growing long hair is to take care of the hair you have, ensure that it is happy, healthy and full of moisture. Keeping the hair follicles smooth and conditioned will keep your hair thick and in prime growing condition. But the key, is learning how to get rid of split ends so that the healthy hair can continue to grow.

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If you suffer from dry, brittle hair and split ends, it’s often difficult to grow your hair much longer than shoulder length. If you follow these simple steps, your shoulder-length hair will be waist or hip length in time for this summer or next.

Samol Herbal is a natural brand known for it’s Unani heritage and incredible oil and herb based elixirs. This award winning brand has produced a remedy especially for your hair and scalp to encourage hair growth and improve hair texture, condition and facilitate regeneration. Packed full of unique and powerful blends of luxurious natural herbs and organic cold pressed oils, your luscious hair is going to grow faster than it ever has before.

With more than 7 cold pressed oils, various vitamins and herbs, the Hair and Scalp Oil coats the hair follicle and soaks deep into the scalp to enrich the hair at the root to stimulate growth and repair the hair from root to tip. Smoothing the hair cuticles along the length and helping the hair to reflect light, retain moisture and get rid of a split ends, the oil is the best thing to help your hair grow.

Staying away from harsh chemicals and washing with natural shampoos and enriching conditioners on a semi-regular basis will help to keep the hair clean and the roots free from any toxins, excess oils or harsh factors that could damage the hair cuticle or follicle. If you suffer from a dry scalp or dandruff, make sure you’re using the correct haircare products for you by taking our beauty quiz.

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Once applied, this super hair elixir needs to be combed or brushed through the hair to ensure an even distribution. You should be brushing your hair before bed each night anyway to distribute the natural oils down the lengths to keep the ends as moisturised as the root - this will also stop your hair getting as ‘greasy’ so quickly. Taking care of your scalp is the most important factor when trying to grow your hair. Think of a house plant - it won’t grow if the soil is dry and cracking - so feed your hair from within by eating lots of protein and keeping your body, skin and scalp full of moisture.

Our top tip for ensuring rapid growth is to keep trimming it. Yes, we’re serious. Like a plant, you’ve usually got to cut it in order for it to grow - especially when it comes to getting rid of split ends. Try and trim your hair on a regular basis so that no part of your hair is dry or splitting and that you’re only keeping the healthy hair on your head. The easiest way to get rid of split ends is to part your hair in four sections and taking each section, twist in a spiral, trimming any hairs that stick out of the spiral until you cannot see any more. Alternatively, salons can give you a rough trim in under 20 minutes if you ask for it specifically.

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Hair dyes can be very damaging to the hair and can cause dryness, split ends and breakages, which all prevent your hair from growing. Use ammonia and bleach free dyes or opt for a completely natural henna dye if you really need to cover greys or touch up your roots.

Our final tip is to avoid heat styling where possible. We know frizz is a nightmare, but following the previous tips, including the use of Samol’s Hair and Scalp Oil should eliminate frizz too as you’re smoothing the hair’s cuticle too. If you must use heat, use it on a low heat and always use a heat protecting spray or serum to decrease the possibility of lasting damage.

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Following these tips will give you long, thick, lustrous hair in time for summer, so you can finally be the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be!