How To Perfect Your Natural Brow In 6 Steps

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Eyebrows are a strange when you think about it. Two thin strips of small hairs that bounce around our foreheads with the rise and fall of our emotions. Despite their small size these textured lines play a huge role in our daily lives and give away a lot about us. They can be an indicator of age, health and are constantly used in expressing ourselves. We all want to have the perfect bushy brows, but sadly few of us have been bless with Cara Delevinge sized canvases with which to sculpt our brow art. So how can you promote you slim, modest eyebrows to the bushy brow stages? Try out these 6 simple beauty tips to fuller, natural looking brows.

Step One: Starting at the front of the brow, comb towards the tips of the brows using a brush such as this Lash And Brow Groomer from Real Techniques £6.99. This will reveal the natural curve of your brow and expose any bare patches that need filling.

Step Two: The start of your brow should be in line with the outermost point of the tear duct beneath and the lowest point of the start should line up with the lowest part of the tail end, this is to avoid any accidental permanent emotions (you don’t want to wind up looking constantly angry). An easy way to check for this is to get a small ruler or a pencil and match up the points. When shaping the curve of your brow, the highest point of the curve should line up with the outermost point of your iris, the coloured part of the eye. Where’s that spirit level got to...

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Step Three: Once you’ve identified these key points, if you wish you can draw on a rough guideline of the shape you would like for your brows using a soft brow pencil such as this Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil £20. I found this pencil really easy to use as the colour was very complimentary to my natural brow tone and the brush on the end makes it very easy to blend the pencil for a natural finish. If you're still unsure as to how to draw a good brow arch, you can buy these pre-shaped Eyebrow Stencils from Eylure £5 which are reusable so once you find the shape you like, you can use it again and again.

Once you've drawn on your desired eyebrow shape, any hairs that fall entirely outside of this range can now be plucked using a quality pair of tweezers, trust me this process is far more painful with naff ones, such as this set by Tweezerman £17.81. I love the range from Tweezerman as they're expertly shaped so that you can pluck even the tiniest of hairs, with enough precision that you don't grab a load of skin in the process.

Any hairs for which the tips of the hair fall inside of the brow shape should NOT be plucked, this will thin out the eyebrows unnecessarily. To neaten up these non-conformists simply trim off the tip of the hair using a small pair of scissors. You may choose to wax your brows instead of plucking or trimming, but do take care when doing this from home as it can result in losing half your brow in an instant. NEVER shave the eyebrows, this method is messy, ineffective and can also result in accidental slips that will take a long time to grow back.

Step Four: Now we’ve perfected the hairs we can begin to fill in the gaps in the brow, this can be done using the same soft brow pencil used for outlining the shape. The Shiseido Natural Brow Pencil range is great for this as the natural shades blend in perfectly with the hairs and you can use the brush on the end to neaten up your application. Alternatively you may wish to try a matte shadow powder, such as this Eylure Brow Palette Trio £9 to lightly dust over the sparse patches in the brow. I think this product is perfect for producing a natural brow as the trio of shades mean you can blend the powder to create a subtle tint or lay it on thick for a bolder look.

Step Five: If, like me, you’re in need of some brow thickening, felt tip liners like this Defining & Shading Brow Ink from Eylure £9.95 are perfect for boosting brow width and volume. Ideally using a magnified mirror for precision, begin drawing on fine lines that work with the direction of your natural hairs in the start of the brow. I think this pen is a great product for even novice brow artists, as the fine tip nib makes it easy to get your desired look. Once this area is suitably filled, use the same technique to add definition to the tail end of the brow as this area can often be wispy for those with thinner brows.

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Step Six: Finally, for a subtle finish that will maintain the brow shape all day long, apply a clear gel such as this Brow Control & Shape Gel from Eylure £7.45. Many times I've been publicly shamed for realising, after taking a group photo, that my brows had taken it upon themselves to fly around in whatever shape they fancied. This product is the perfect solution as the clear gel locks the brow shape down, without changing the style and tone of the brows you have created. Clear gels work best for the natural look but if you’re wanting to make a bolder statement there are plenty of tinted gels available, you can browse the MBM eyebrow wardrobe here.

So there you have it, six easy steps for fuller, natural looking brows that won’t leave you with a permanent, shocked expression. With such high quality products and the lock-in gel, you can be safe in the knowledge that your brows will still look the same in any drunken group photos throughout the evening. So sit back, relax and admire your beautiful new brows.

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